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Key Industries

Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital

  • Richmond has been Virginia’s capital for commerce for over three hundred years. Today the city is known for a diverse set of industry clusters.

  • A powerhouse in the financial, medical, biotechnology, knowledge-based services, manufacturing and transportation industries, the city is an attractive location for new businesses who want to be near top companies in these sectors.

  • Learn more below about the companies that chose Richmond.

    Creative & Knowledge - Based Industry

    Richmond: Virginia's Creative Capital

    We’re a city known for our creativity, our innovation, and our ability to take ideas and create real solutions. With over 150 companies in the creative and knowledge-based industry, particularly in advertising, architecture, engineering and the burgeoning film and music industry. Richmond is a thriving creative city.  


    Richmond is home to over 50 advertising companies, including some of the top firms in the country: The Martin Agency, Big River Advertising and West Cary Group.  

    Architecture & Engineering

    Richmond attracts nationally recognized architecture and engineering firms and is home to over 200 companies in this industry cluster. With firms like Baskervill & Son, Moseley Architects, SMBW, Glave & Holmes, VHB and Timmons Group. Richmond attracts the top firms that design and build communities across the country.

    Legal Services

    Richmond has the highest concentration of lawyers and law firms in Virginia. Hunton & Williams, McGuireWoods, Pinckney C. Cotesworth, Williams Mullen, Trautman Sanders, Hirschler Flischer are just a sampling of the firms located in the city. 

    Motion Picture, Video & Sound Production

    Over 50 companies in the motion picture, sound and video production industry are located in the city, complimenting and supporting the advertising and other creative industries. From In Your Ear to Dreams Factory to Meade Management Corporation, the Richmond film and music industry is a burgeoning cluster.

    Advanced Manufacturing

    Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital

    The city of Richmond is home to over 450 companies in the advanced manufacturing industry sector, from WestRock's paper products to NewMarket's chemical development to Alloy Polymers, Inc., which manufactures plastics and resins. Richmond is also home to some of the finest ornamental and architectural metal working companies in the country such as James River Iron, Inc., and McKinnon and Harris, Inc.

    Chemicals & Plastics

    Companies such as NewMarket Corporation, Dupont, and Ethyl Corporation, which focus on chemical development are located in the city. Companies such as Carpenter Company and Hallmark Fabricators, Inc. manufacture urethane, rubber and other plastic products.

    Packaging & Paper Products

    Richmond has a strong history in the paperboard mill manufacturing sector, with over 25 companies in the industry such as WestRock, Commonwealth Packaging Corp., International Paper Company and Atlantic Corrugated Box Company.

    Fabricated Metal Products

    The City has over 50 companies that specialize in fabricated metal products such as Liphart Steel Company, Argus Steel Producers, to James River Iron and McKinnon and Harris, Inc.

    Beverage And Tobacco Products

    Approximately 22 companies are located in the city that develop beverage and tobacco related products such as the new East Coast manufacturing facility for Stone Brewing Company, Philip Morris USA, Inc., Universal Corporation and Bleu Water Company.

    Finance, Insurance, & Real Estate 


    Richmond: Virginia's Working Capital


    Home of the Fifth District Federal Reserve Bank and industry leaders like BB&T, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, and Union First Market Bank, the city of Richmond is an attractive location for both large companies and boutique firms in the FIRE sector. Currently over 34,000 workers are employed in FIRE industries in the Richmond region.

    Financial Services

    Over 600 companies in the Financial Services industry are located in the city. From Scott & Stringfellow, a securities brokerage company, to SunTrust Morgage and Union First Market Bank, Richmond continues to be a center of finance and trade. 


    BB&T, Berkley Mid Atlantic Group, Assurance Services, Inc., and over 100 other insurance companies are located within the city. 

    Real Estate

    Richmond is home to over 600 companies that specialize in real estate development, leasing, appraisal services and other real estate deal making functions. From Apple REIT to Porter Realty to Trammell Crow Services to Colliers International, the city is the location to make development deals happen.

    Health & Life Sciences

    Richmond: Virginia's Innovation Capital
    Home to the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park  - a 34-acre park with over 63 companies, labs, and research centers, 2,000 employees, and 1.2 million square feet of space - and the well-respected VCU Medical College of Virginia campus and Medical Center, Richmond is an ideal location to test ideas and develop life-saving products that change the world. Join life science leaders such as Pfizer, Kaleo and UNOS.

    Medical Device Manufacturing

    Richmond has a number of surgical and medical instrument manufacturing companies located in its city limits such as Kaleo Pharma, which develops self-administered injection devices to Bio Track, which is a medical device incubator that has developed many new medical devices, taking them from concept development, testing to commercialization.

    Medical Laboratories

    United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Virginia IVF Andrology Center, the Virginia Department of Forensic Science and Virginia Commonwealth University are just a handful of the medical laboratories in Richmond making new discoveries and solutions every day.

    Research Parks

    The Virginia BioTechnology Research Park is located in the center of the nation's East Coast pharmaceutical and biotechnology corridor. Located in the city's downtown and adjacent to Virginia Commonwealth Universities, it is a growing incubator of 60 life science companies, research institutes, state/federal labs and is adjacent to Virginia Commonwealth University. Learn more.



    The City has a number of general medical and surgical hospitals within its boundaries, including VCU Health System, HCA, Bon Secours Health System, and the McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center.


    Pharmaceutical R&D Centers

    Pfizer, Inc., chose to locate and remain in Richmond when considering realignment and consolidation of facilities.

    Green Technology 

    Richmond: Virginia's Green Capital
    With the mayoral-backed Green Richmond Initiative in place to increase sustainability and quality of life, Richmond is a city that understands that the future is green. Join cutting-edge green tech companies that have chosen to locate in Richmond.

    Clean Energy

    Dominion Power is spearheading offshore wind development. Richmond has been chosen as one of the only 19 areas where Ford will sell its all-electric focus vehicle. 

    Green Architecture

    Richmond architecture and engineering firms such as Mosely Architects and Dove Architects specialize in adaptive reuse, green, sustainable and LEED certified construction.

    Green Manufacturing

    WestRock develops products that are made from sustainable sources and are recyclable.