Richmond Signal System - Phase III

Project Summary and Scope

The Richmond Signal System - Phase III project will expand the Richmond Signal System north of the James River in the western, northern, and eastern extents of the City. Approximately 77 signalized intersections operating without communications or with limited wireless communications will be considered for integration into the existing Econolite Centracs© central system software. The project will also provide for the installation of modern traffic signal controllers, some new traffic signal cabinets, communications equipment, and CCTV cameras.

Communications between the central system and each signal cabinet has provided numerous benefits to the City including enhanced remote monitoring, optimized and efficient signal coordination, special events management, and maintenance capabilities, all of which benefit the traveling public.

Part of the Project Written Studies, Reports, Presentation

 Advantages and disadvantages of various communications media document.

 Design Approval Request UPC 105890.pdf

Project Milestones

Procurement Process Completion - by June 2021

Start Project Delivery - by Fall 2021

Project Completion - by Summer 2023.

Project Funding

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) - $6,312,350 federal funded.

Project Status Updates

12/16/2020 Received VDOT advertisement authorization.

1/05/2021 Submitted IFB to Procurement Services.

2/24/2021 Advertisement was posted.

5/3/2021 Award is in process.

6/09/2021 Contract executed.

8/09/2021 Notice to Proceed to Contractor. Project delivery is underway.

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

12/31/2019 Expenses around $900,000

3/31/2020 Expenses around $1,200,000

5/31/2020 Expenses around $1,250,000

9/08/2020 Expenses around $1,250,000

9/28/2021 Expenses around $1,600,000

12/2/2021 Expenses around $2,000,000

3/08/2022 Expenses around $2,800,000

3/31/2022 Expenses around $3,000,000

5/31/2022 Expenses around $3,300,000

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Performance Measures and Benchmarks

Waiting for Verizon to adjust utility cables (i.e. Comcast, Lumos, etc.) on utility poles.

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information

Ord. No. 2017-211

Contract Information