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Transportation Networks: The city sits at the crossroads of major interstates, rail lines and the Central Business District is within 10 minutes of the Port of Richmond and Richmond International Airport. To view a map highlighting the major transportation networks, please click here.



Richmond-Petersburg Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA):The Richmond MSA comprises of four cities, 16 counties and one incorporated town. It's population of more than 1.2 million makes it the 43rd largest MSA in the country and third in Virginia. Click here to view the full MSA map.



Cost of Operating Distribution Warehouse: According to a 2011 report by The Boyd Company of 50 cities nationwide, Richmond ranked the 6th lowest in cost of operating a distribution warehouse. Click here to view the full map detailing city cost comparisions.



Cost of Living: Compared to many cities across the country, the city of Richmond  offers businesses a low cost of operating as well as individuals a high quality, low cost of living. Click here to view the full cost of living comparision map.



Median Home Price: Richmond offers not only a rich variety of homes to rent or buy, the median home price is significantly lower than many comparable cities across the United States. Click here to view the full Median Home Price comparable map.