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Keith Balmer with Poster of "I Voted" Sticker ContentThe Office of Elections, in partnership with the Richmond Times Dispatch, is excited to announce our first “I Voted” Sticker Contest.

The contest is open to ALL VCU students!!!





- Two inch (2”) diameter circle

- Hand-drawn or digital art are both accepted

- No more than 4 colors

- Must have the following phrases “I Voted” or “RVA Votes”

- Rubric for Sticker Contest


How to submit your design:

- Email your design to us at

Make sure to include:

  • Your first and last name
  • Major
  • PDF or JPEG of the sticker design
  • Entry Form


How to win:

After the submission period ends, residents in the City of Richmond will be able to vote online for their favorite sticker design. The voting period will be from April 15th to April 30th, 2024. The contest will be hosted on the website of the Richmond Times Dispatch!

There will be ONE winner and THREE finalists. The winner will have his or her sticker design used in all polling locations in upcoming elections for the City of Richmond.



  • Winner - $1000 Gift Card to Amazon, a feature in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and your sticker design that will be used in 70+ polling locations throughout the city.


  • 2nd Place - $500 Gift Card to Amazon and a feature in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

  • 3rd Place - $250 Gift Card to Amazon and a feature in the Richmond Times Dispatch.

  • 4th Place - $150 Gift Card to Amazon and a feature in the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Contest Timeline:

February 20th - April 8th, 2024: Submission Period

Week of April 8th - Announcement of finalists

April 15th  - April 30th, 2024: Voting Period

May 3rd, 2024: Announcement of the winner and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place finalists.

For more information please contact Selna Shi (

As the General Registrar for Richmond, I am excited to announce our first-ever I Voted Sticker contest, exclusively open to students enrolled in the highly-renowned arts program at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCUarts). This decision stems from a deep recognition of the unparalleled talent fostered within VCUarts and the significant role it plays in shaping the cultural landscape of our city and beyond.

VCUarts stands as a beacon of excellence in visual arts and design education, boasting a distinguished reputation both nationally and internationally. With nearly 2,800 undergraduates and over 160 graduate students annually, it serves as a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation. The program's ethos of hands-on learning and experimentation empowers students to explore their artistic visions while pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. By leveraging its position within a major urban public research university, VCUarts provides students with unique opportunities to integrate their artistic practices with broader intellectual inquiry and social engagement.

By hosting our I Voted Sticker contest exclusively for VCUarts students, we are not only showcasing the exceptional talent cultivated within the program but also highlighting the importance of arts education in our community. This initiative not only celebrates the creativity and skill of our local artists but also underscores the integral role of the arts in civic engagement and cultural expression.

Moreover, by engaging with VCUarts students, we are tapping into a pool of emerging talent that represents the future of the arts landscape in Richmond and beyond. By providing a platform for these students to showcase their work, we are fostering a sense of pride and recognition within the VCUarts community while also promoting the vibrant cultural identity of our city.

In conclusion, utilizing the I Voted Sticker contest as a means to promote the talent of VCUarts students is not only a testament to the excellence of the program, but also a reflection of our commitment to supporting and celebrating the arts in Richmond. I am confident that this collaboration will yield inspiring and impactful results, further solidifying Richmond's reputation as a hub of artistic innovation and creativity.

Keith Balmer – General Registrar

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