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Richmond Multi-Modal Transportation Plan

Richmond: Virginia's Connected Capital

The Richmond Multi-Modal Transportation Plan, called Richmond Connects, is now available in final form. The Plan includes recommendations to develop a multi-modal transportation system for the city.

Richmond Connects Vision Statement

In the 21st Century, transportation in Richmond will support the City’s unique role and history as the capital of Virginia through the efficient movement of people and goods. A truly multimodal transportation system will support economic development, tourism and sustainability goals will include all modes of travel, will improve livability by operating safely and offering travel choices for all ages and abilities of users.

Guiding Principles

The guiding principles serve as goals and objectives that the City wishes to meet as it improves transportation for residents, commuters and visitors. The ten guiding principles are: Safety, System Preservation, Multimodal Linkages, Complete Streets, Equity and Accessibility, Regional Coordination, sustainable Transportation, Alternative Mode Support, Historic Character, and Innovation.

Existing And Future Conditions

The Plan includes an assessment of existing and future conditions and needs. The conclusions from that analysis indicate that the single-occupant vehicle is the dominant mode of transportation in the city but that there are clear needs for more multimodal options. There are also clear needs for better maintenance and improvement of existing infrastructure and more efficient use of existing infrastructure to encourage multimodal transportation. 

Plan Elements

The Plan includes recommendations for projects and policies to improve the transportation system in Richmond. There are recommendations on the following: System Preservation Needs, Safety and Operational Improvements, Transit and Rail Investments, Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements, Complete Streets Investments and Policies, Bridge Recommendations, Port Facility Improvements, and Other Transportation Strategies and Investments.