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List of Analyst Agency Assignments:

Below is a listing of every city agency, along with their respective Budget Analyst(s) within the Department of Budget and Strategic Planning.  Budget Analysts are responsible for assisting agencies with annual budget submissions, quarterly expenditure projections, and other technical, budget-related matters.

Agency Budget Analyst Phone Number
13th District Court Services Unit Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Adult Drug Court Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Animal Care and Control Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Budget and Strategic Planning Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Chief Administrative Officer Jason May 804-646-1129 
Circuit Court Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Civil Court Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Citizen Service and Response Katrina Murray 804-646-5048
City Assessor Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Attorney Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Auditor Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
City Clerk  Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Council Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Debt Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
City Sheriff's Office Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
City Treasurer Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Council Chief of Staff Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Commonwealth Attorney Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Criminal / Manchester Courts Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Department of Emergency Communications Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Department of Information Technology Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Economic Development Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
Finance Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Fire and Emergency Services Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
General Registrar Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Housing and Community Development Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
Human Resources Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Human Services Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Inspector General Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
Justice Services Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Mayor's Office Jason May 804-646-1129 
Minority Business Development Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
Non-Departmental Lauren Kirk / Kiara Jordan 804-646-7919 / 804-646-3057
Office of Community Wealth Building Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Office of Strategic Communications and Engagement Katrina Murray 804-646-5048
Office of Sustainability Andrew Christensen 804-646-3193
Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Planning and Development Review Meghan Brown 804-646-7418
Police Department Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Press Secretary Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Procurement Services Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Public Health Katrina Murray 804-646-5048
Public Library Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Public Utilities Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Public Works Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Retirement Katrina Murray 804-646-5048
Richmond Public Schools Kiara Jordan  804-646-3057 
Risk Management Kiara Jordan  804-646-3057 
Social Services Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Special Magistrate Terrence Banks 804-646-3898
Traffic Court Terrence Banks 804-646-3898