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If you would like Sheriff Antionette V. Irving to attend your event to speak or to be a guest please fill out the event form and state what your requests are. We would like to have at least 30 days advance notice. We look forward to attending your events.


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Court Security

RCSO is responsible for the John Marshall Courthouse, Marsh-Manchester Courthouse, and Oliver Hill Courthouse. It is the policy for us to provide security to all courthouses, all courtrooms and judicial areas in order to protect the integrity of the court, protect the rights of individuals, deter those who would take adverse actions against the court or its participants, and maintain the decorum of the court.

A deputy is assigned to a courthouse to maintain the security and integrity of the judicial process including maintaining order in the court, carrying out the directives of the judicial officials, enforcing the laws of the City of Richmond, moving inmates and detainees to and from proceedings, and protecting the courthouse staff from harm.