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Alternative Sentencing Program


The Richmond City Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) Alternative Sentencing Program concept is a community-based supervision and treatment division. The program was developed to provide the use of electronic monitoring to ease institutional overcrowding and allow residents/inmates to gain and maintain employment, as well as, family connections.

Work Release (WR): Allows offenders who are gainfully employed to serve their jail sentence while working and remaining connected to their community.

Home Electronic Incarceration (HEI): This program is typically for an individual who has already been sentenced by the court. There are three ways that an individual can be assigned to the HEI program:

  • Flat Court Order – the Sentencing Judge has ordered an offender to participate in the program.
  • Self – Referral – Jail residents may apply to participate in any RCSO program but would still need a court order.
  • Eligible – the Sentencing Judge has ordered an offender to participate in the program if he/she meets the Sheriff’s criteria. If the offender is eligible, a recommendation letter is generated for review by the Commander of Alternative Sentencing.

Misdemeanor Community Service Program (MCSP): This program is used as an alternative to traditional incarceration ordered by the court. Individuals report on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. and are released each day at 2:30 p.m. In the MCSP Program, the individuals will complete community service projects in the City. During the program, the individuals reside at home and reports on the two specified days.

Weekend Program: Individuals are court ordered to serve their jail sentence on the weekend. The offender participates in community service projects during the day on the weekend and resides at the Richmond City Justice Center (RCJC) at night on the weekend.

Education/School Release Program: Allows offenders who are enrolled in school to continue their education while serving a jail sentence and remain connected to the community.

“Work Ready, Home Ready & Community Ready”: This program will assess, identify, and link residents with resources and services specific to their needs, which includes education, employability skills/job training/vocational, financial literacy, health and human services, family reunification and mediation, housing, and transportation. These components are accomplished through collaboration and partnerships with community agencies (local, state, and federal), faith-based organizations, families, criminal justice system, workforce partners and DOC.

DOC Work Release Program: Allows DOC offenders to serve their DOC sentences at the jail in a work release program.

New Environment Action Team (NEAT): Participants report during the work week (Monday-Friday). While in the NEAT Program, participants will complete community service projects in the City, and the individuals resides at home and reports on the specified days

The Richmond City's Fleet Maintenance Department donated two vans to RCSO. These vans are utilized in the Community Custody and Alternative Sentencing Division to transport inmates to the Work Force Detail Program.

White: 2014 Ford E350 / Gray: 2008 Ford E350