Center of Financial Empowerment Resources and tools
  • Are you passionate about helping others gain financial independence? Then we have a great opportunity for you.
  • The City Treasurer's Office is recruiting ambassadors and partners to support the Financial Empowerment Program. The ambassadors will lend their skills and energy to help promote or teach financial literacy to those in the city or surrounding localities. While our partners work directly with the Treasurer to provide resources or link our ambassadors to the community.
  • If you are interested in serving as an Ambassador or Partner please complete the Financial Empowerment Interest Form and send it to the City Treasurer's Office for review.
  • For more information please call (804) 646-6474.
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On June 1, 2018 City Treasurer Nichole R. Armstead made a declaration to create the Financial Empowerment Board. This Board was an effort on behalf of the Treasurer to address the economic disparity within the city by identifying individuals with a similar passion and focus to help others. The collaboration between the Board and the Office of the Treasurer has made many projects possible such as the Stop Elder Abuse campaign and the Inaugural Financial Literacy Fair. 


This board’s sole purpose is to identify and create methods to share financial awareness and literacy information with residents throughout the city in a concentrated effort with maximum impact.

City Treasurer Armstead and members of the Financial Empowerment Board


The Board is composed of 12 members that are appointed by the City Treasurer and the Treasurer serves as an advisor to the board. The board is then broken into four sub-committees: Education, Outreach, Communication, and Data Results.


  • Identify methods to assist residents directly impacted with financial challenges.
  • Provide forums for the discussion of financial literacy and awareness that are available to all residents including adults, children and elders.
  • Build relationships with community partners to bridge the gap between resources and individuals.
  • Promote saving, budgeting and awareness for more fiscally responsible citizens.


  • The Board meets the 1st Friday of each month at 9 a.m. at CapUp (located at 1103 Oliver Hill Way).
  • The meetings are open to the public and last one hour.


  • Richard Bastow
  • Hester Brown
  • Cara Clements
  • Randy Cooper
  • Emily Kennedy
  • Shaun Lindsey
  • Darrell Reed
  • Sonji Rollins-Tucker, CFP
  • Joey Stemmle, CFP
  • Chris Woodbury
  • Christopher Woody