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Applications and Forms

Better Streets Manual

    Part 1:   Complete Streets Policy
    Part 2:   Consult the Right-of-Way Design and Construction Standards Manual
    Part 3:   *Right-of-Way Excavation & Restoration Manual

    *The City of Richmond provides the Right-of-Way Excavation & Restoration Manual in downloadable 
    format so that developers can easily refer to city requirements for working in the right-of-way. 
    Updates are made regularly, so please revisit this section in the future to ensure you have the 
    latest version of this important document.

Development Review Plan (DEVR)

Request Forms of GIS Base Maps & Baseline Drawings

City’s Public Right-of-Way Closing, Naming/Renaming Policy & Guidelines

Encroachment Processing

Parklet Guidelines and Application

Permits and Inspections Documents

You may be eligible for exemption from solid waste and recycling fees. Please read the application guidelines and ordinance information below.