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Looking for the free-rides-to-work program?

This program is currently at capacity.

If you are TANF eligible and would like to fill out the paperwork to be put on the waitlist to receive rides as spots become available, please complete THESE DOCUMENTS and send to with your contact information and work location and schedule. Or simply fill out the forms below:


The basics: Beginning immediately, the City will be teaming up with Community Transportation Inc. and other local van services to provide TANF eligible individuals rides from public housing and low-income 'hot-spots' to employment centers and education institutions, and even day-care drop-offs along the way. If you make under 200% of the federal poverty level and have a dependent child or children, you are eligible to receive free rides to work. 


If you are unsure if you qualify and want more information, please fill out the interest form below: 

Working through a Virginia Transit Association Grant, OETM will be providing completely fare-free trips on one of the vans operated by Community Transportation and/or Dependacare to eligible users. Anyone can catch a ride from the RHHA community hubs to employment and education hot spots in and around the City of Richmond, and all TANF eligible riders who enroll in the program will have 100% of their fare covered by these funds.

Interested residents can sign-up for more information above and can complete a digital copy of eligibility documentation at the links at the top of this page.

You can also download the forms and send to

Residents who may have trouble accessing the internet can also call 804 646 3513 to speak with the Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility about how to get on the waitlist for this program. Questions should be directed to Chenice Brown and Kelli Rowan in the OETM office of the City of Richmond Department of Public Works, located at 1500 E Franklin St, Richmond, VA 23219.

This program is one of many initiatives spearheaded by OETM designed to address the inequities in the transportation network as articulated in the Path to Equity: Policy Guide for Richmond Connects, adopted in May 2022 by City Council. It is a targeted program aimed at removing transportation-related barriers to accessing opportunity for some of the most vulnerable Richmond residents.

The Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility was awarded a total of 279k from the Virginia Transit Association’s “Transit Zero-Fare for Working Families Grant,” with funds available for the remainder of this fiscal year and opportunities to reapply and expand the program for future years.