Online Payment Page

Welcome to the online payment page. Below you will find links and resources to pay admissions, lodging, meals, real estate, and personal property taxes as well as parking violations online.

Online Payment of Admissions, Lodging, and Meals Taxes

Pay Admissions, Lodging, and Meals Taxes Online 

Admissions, Lodging, and Meals Taxes Online Payment Frequently Asked Questions

On or before the 20th of the month for the Admissions, Lodging and Meals taxes collected for the prior month

At the top or bottom of this page or on the home page of this website, select Online Services and click on Admissions, Lodging and Meals Tax Payments.

You can make these online payments by e-check or by credit card (Master Card and Visa Only).

When is the payment credited to my account?
Payments remitted online by 11:59 p.m. will be credited on the date of payment. Payments made at 12:00 a.m. or later will be credited the next business day.

Is there a charge for this service?
There is a $1.50 transaction fee for each payment made online. Also, for credit card payments there is a 2.5% convenience fee in addition to the total tax and transaction fees charged.

Can payments still be made using the paper coupons?
Yes. Payments made using the coupons must be postmarked on the due date of the payment to be considered on time. The online payment option provides you the ability to make the payment 24/7 and at your convenience. Payments remitted online by 11:59 p.m. of the due date will be considered as “on time”.

Need assistance with making your online payment?

Call (804) 646-7000 or send an email to the Department of Finance.

Pay Your Parking Violation

Parking tickets can now be paid online.

Click Here to Pay Parking Ticket Online

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Online Payment Invoice Cloud

Pay Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes Online

NOTE: Some customers with outdated web browsers and/or older versions of Adobe Acrobat may experience transcription errors in their "View Invoice" feature. Please ensure that Adobe Acrobat and/or your web browser are up to date to avoid transcription errors.

Invoice Cloud is a convenient payment option for paying real estate taxes and motor vehicle personal property taxes include credit/debit cards, e-checks, scheduled payments and automatic payments (Auto-Pay).

  • Schedule one time or periodic automatic payments with Flex-Pay.
  • Emailed receipts provide electronic payment history without the paper.
  • Go GREEN! You also have the option to go paperless and reduce clutter by eliminating your paper statement.
Payment Type Service Fee
Electronic Check (ACH/EFT) $0.95
Credit Cards 2.95% with a minimum of $1.00

Frequently Asked Questions for Payments

How can I make my Payment?

There are various ways to make payments to the City of Richmond

Payments can be mailed in 

  • Utilities:

City of Richmond
Department of Public Utilities
P.O. Box 71210
Charlotte, NC 28272-1210

  • Real Estate:

 City of Richmond/ Real estate

 P.O. Box 71243
             Charlotte, NC 28272-1243

  • Personal Property:

City Of Richmond

P.O. Box 71243

Charlotte, NC 28272-1243

  • Admission, Lodging, Meals

City of Richmond

PO Box 26505

Richmond, VA 23261-6505

  • Business License Renewal:

900 East Broad Street. Room 102

P.O. Box 26505

Richmond, VA 23261-6505

  • Business Tangible Personal Property:

City Of Richmond

  1. Broad St Room 103

Richmond, VA 23219

  • Parking Tickets:

City Of Richmond- Parking Tickets

P.O. Box 26508

Richmond VA 23261-6508

*******Make all checks payable to City of Richmond*****

                  All mailed payments will be posted according to postmark date.

  • At any of our 3 locations which include
    • 900 E Broad St City Hall Room 102,
    • 701 N 25th St (EDI)
    • 400 Hull St (Southside Community Center)

****Drop boxes are also located at these locations as well*****

  • City Hall (10th St side)-24hrs
  • EDI (located out front)-24hrs
  • Southside Community Center (located through the front entrance doors)- until 7pm Est.

Is there a fee to make my payment online?

  • Yes, there is a service fee charge to make payments online via credit card or ACH. Fees may vary.

Can I create a user account/profile online to view my payment account information?

  • At this time there is not a way to create a user profile, however the City of Richmond is undergoing many technological advances, in which soon you will be able to create a user account and profile.

Automatic payments can be set up by using the following links.

                Next, choose which tax you are paying.

 Input your information.

Next, choose the bill you would like to pay and view.

Choose the next option to register the account for automatic payments.

*****this option is not available for Business License and ALM payments*****

What payment methods are accepted?

  • Check/cashier’s check
  • Money order
  • Cash
  • All major Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)
    • For in person credit card payments a 2.5% fee will incur

***Currently, apple pay/wallet, Google pay, payments are not accepted****

What are the hours of operation?

Currently business hours are Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00 pm at all three of our payment locations.

***Closed holidays and weekends*****

I was assessed late fees/penalties on my account can these amounts be waived?

  • Customers can submit a penalty and interest waiver form. This does not guarantee that additional fees shall be waived, upon completion of this form. Interest shall accrue during the review of your application.

I have a DMV stop how can I get it removed?

  • If you have a DMV stop it is recommended that payments are paid in person. This can be done in either of our 3 locations, which then you can request the hold to be removed so vehicle registration can be updated.

My account is in collections how can I pay?

  • Collection accounts shall be paid in person to ensure all payments are applied correctly to the account and are also up to date.
    • Some accounts with delinquency may be sent over to TACS and or Ballato. To ensure payments are going to the correct collector, customers are encouraged to come in person for clarity.
  • Delinquent Collections: 804-646-5891
  • TACS: 804-545-2500
  • Ballato: 804-788-7171

I no longer live here/ within the city limits and I’m still receiving a bill. What do I need to do?

  • If you no longer reside within the City of Richmond, please come to our office 900 E broad St Room 109 or call 804-646-5891 to inform personnel of the change. This is beneficial pertaining to customers who may need an account adjustment and to update our records as well.