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As a part of the Commonwealth’s Attorney Office, the Richmond Victim/Witness Services Program is dedicated to assisting crime victims and witnesses in the City Of Richmond.  As directed by the Virginia General Assembly the V/WSP Specialists are available to inform crime victims and witnesses of their rights, court case information, and resource assistance, while empowering and respecting them as they navigate through the criminal justice system. 



To provide information and assistance to crime victims and witnesses as directed in the Crime Victim and Witness Bill of Rights established by the Virginia General Assembly. Virginia Code § 19.2-11.01.



The Victim/Witness Services Program is located within the Richmond Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney and was established to assist crime victims and witnesses through the criminal justice system. The Virginia General Assembly has been passed laws to ensure certain rights to crime victims and witnesses.  The purpose of the Victim/Witness Services Program is to inform these rights to those victimized by crime...



In recognition of the Commonwealth's concern for the victims and witnesses of crime, it is the purpose of this chapter to ensure that the full impact of crime is brought to the attention of the courts of the Commonwealth; that crime victims and witnesses are treated with dignity, respect and sensitivity; and that their privacy is protected to the extent permissible under law. It is the further purpose of this chapter to ensure that victims and witnesses are informed of the rights provided to them under the laws of the Commonwealth; that they receive authorized services as appropriate; and that they have the opportunity to be heard by law-enforcement agencies, attorneys for the Commonwealth, corrections agencies and the judiciary at all critical stages of the criminal justice process to the extent permissible under law.


The Victims Bill of Rights recognizes the following individuals as crime victims in Virginia: Anyone suffering physical, emotional or financial harm as a direct result of a felony or certain misdemeanors. (The misdemeanors are: assault and battery, assault and battery against a family or household member, stalking, sexual battery, attempted sexual battery, and driving while intoxicated). Virginia Code § 19.2-11.01.



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