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Civil Process Services

The Civil Process Division of the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office is entrusted to fulfill the Virginia Statutory mandates in the manner set forth in Chapter 8 of Title 8.01, Code of Virginia, and the Rules of the Supreme Court (contained in Volume 2 of the Code of Virginia.) (§8.01-287). The team of sheriff’s deputies serve an array of civil papers such as:

  • Petitions of complaints (filing of a suit or tort upon said named person(s), businesses, entities or representatives of Government positions)
  • Writ of Possessions (Petition Order to take custody of said listed tangible item or location)
  • Subpoenas for witness (Order to appear before a said named court typically issued by the clerk or judge of a court)
  • Summons to appear in court (order to appear in court, before grand jury or deposition usually issued by attorneys)
  • Capias (attachment of the body for failure to appear before the court civil and/or criminal)
  • Show Cause Orders (production of justification for failure to comply with court order)
  • Garnishments (order to withhold specific funds from someone’s wages for court ordered judgment)
  • Evictions (actual procedure of removing tenants from an occupied dwelling)
  • Warrants in Debt (judgment order for a specific amount of monetary compensation)
  • Unlawful Detainer (order for an eviction to occur)
  • Order of Evaluation (competency order evaluation for various programs)
  • Order for Bond Forfeiture (the bond posted is forfeiture)
  • Administrative Support Orders (requesting child support)
  • Order to Withhold (support wages)
  • Subpoena Ducas Tecum (order to produce said named item before the court)
  • Service of Protective Orders
  • Petition to Restore Driving Privileges

The team of professional, dedicated and highly trained sworn and civilian employees work in harmony to serve thousands of these documents weekly. They endure the harshest of the weather’s elements to directly and indirectly execute the service of these and many other unique civil process documents. Their knowledge and application of current laws and precedents that apply to the services they provide is evolutionary and requires constant revision and application to stay in compliance with the Codes of Virginia and Rules of the Supreme Court.

The men and women that comprise the Civil Process Division encompass the only division of the sheriff’s office that is revenue generating for the tax payers that off-set the expense of the sheriff’s office budget to operate.