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Richmond, Virginia 23219

Fax #: 804-646-7927

List of Agencies:

Below is a listing of every City Agency, along with their respective Budget Analyst(s).

Agency Budget Analyst Phone Number
13th District Court Services Unit Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Adult Drug Court Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Animal Care and Control Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Budget and Strategic Planning Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Chief Administrative Officer Jason May / Jay Brown 804-646-1129 / 804-646-3193
Circuit Court Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Civil Court Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Citizen Service and Response Jason May 804-646-1129
City Assessor Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
City Attorney Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Auditor Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
City Clerk  Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Council Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
City Debt Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
City Sheriff's Office Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
City Treasurer Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Council Chief of Staff Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Commonwealth Attorney Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Criminal / Manchester Courts Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Department of Emergency Communications Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
Department of Information Technology Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
Economic Development Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Finance Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
Fire and Emergency Services Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
General Registrar Michael Nixon-Garrison 804-646-7922
Housing and Community Development Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Human Resources Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Human Services Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Inspector General Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
Justice Services Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Mayor's Office Jason May / Jay Brown 804-646-1129 / 804-646-3193
Minority Business Development Jonathan Fetterman 804-646-4365
Non-Departmental Lauren Kirk / Kiara Jordan 804-646-7919 / 804-646-3057
Office of Community Wealth Building Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Planning and Development Review Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Police Department Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919
Press Secretary Kiara Jordan 804-646-3057
Procurement Services Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Public Health Allyson Beetham 804-646-7917
Public Library Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Public Utilities Jason May 804-646-1129
Public Works Jason May 804-646-1129
Retirement Pearl Anderson 804-646-5778
Richmond Public Schools Kiara Jordan / Jay Brown 804-646-3057 / 804-646-3193
Social Services Lauren Kirk 804-646-7919