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Address: 900 E. Broad St.,
                 Room 115
                 Richmond, VA 23219

Phone:     (804) 646-4646
                 For gas leaks, leave the area and call 911


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Development Services handles the installation of new gas, water, sanitary and storm sewer services that involve the submission of permit applications and/or inspections. Cross connection specialists are also responsible for inspecting backflow prevention. 

Water, sewer and natural gas services are provided by the City of Richmond, Department of Public Utilities and Richmond Gas Works. Water and sewer utilities are available throughout the city and natural gas service is available in most areas of the City of Richmond as well as parts of Henrico County.

Contact DPU Development Services, New Services Team at (804) 646-8544 for information on these services or to establish new utility services.

Applications for new services are available below. Complete the appropriate application, print and mail or fax the completed application to the address indicated on the form. Call the New Services Team at (804) 646-8544 to confirm receipt of the application and that an account has been established.

For general information on the development process within the City of Richmond contact the Department of Planning and Development Review, Land Use Administration at 646-6304. In Henrico County contact the Department of Planning at (804) 501-4602.