City of Richmond Department of Procurement Services

Code of Ethics

The Department of Procurement Services is governed by Article VIII of the City Code, which addresses Ethics in Public Contracting.  In addition to being accountable for following the Code, the Department believes that the following ethical principles should govern the conduct of every person engaged in public sector procurement:

  • Seeks or accepts a position as head (or employee) only when fully in accord with the professional principles applicable thereto and when confident of possessing the qualifications to serve under those principles to the advantage of the employing organization.
  • Believes in the dignity and worth of the service rendered by the organization, and the societal responsibilities assumed as a trusted public servant.
  • Is governed by the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships to merit the respect and inspire the confidence of the organization and the public being served.
  • Believes that personal aggrandizement or personal profit obtained through misuse of public or personal relationships is dishonest and not tolerable.
  • Identifies and eliminates participation of any individual in operational situations where a conflict of interest may be involved.
  • Believes that members of the Department of Procurement Services should at no time, or under any circumstances, accept directly or indirectly, gifts, gratuities, or other things of value from suppliers, which might influence or appear to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Keeps the City informed, through appropriate channels, on problems and progress of applicable operations by emphasizing the importance of the facts.
  • Handles all personnel matters on a merit basis, and in compliance with applicable laws prohibiting discrimination in employment based on politics, religion, color, national origin, disability, gender, age, pregnancy and other protected characteristics.
  • Seeks or dispenses no personal favors. Handles each administrative problem objectively and empathetically, without discrimination.


Statement Of Values

We Are All Accountable.

Take personal accountability for our actions and results
Focus on finding solutions and achieving results
Actively engage in discussions and commit to supporting the decision
Involve others in decisions and plans that affect them
Keep promises and commitments made to others
Personally commit to the success and well-being of teammates

We Act With Integrity and Show Respect.

Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics
Show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, approaches and ideas
Listen to others for understanding
Assume positive intent
Demonstrate honesty and transparency in our day-to-day practice

We Are Committed To Continuous Process Improvement.

Being proactive in initiating change and improvement
Continuously challenging and asking "why?"
Developing innovative and compliant solutions to improve customer service
Encourage and reward innovative thinking

We Invest In Our Team

Sharing knowledge and experience through teamwork
Participate in professional development educational opportunities
Read professional publications to stay abreast of latest trends

We Are Here To Serve Our Customers.

Anticipate potential impediments and find solutions to improve service
Actively listen and understand the needs of our customers
Provide guidance to enable timely procurement processing
Be available and responsive

The Department of Procurement Services maintains memberships in the following groups:

National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP)
Virginia Association of Governmental Purchasing (VAGP)
Capital Area Purchasing Association (CAPA)
American Purchasing Society (APS)