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900 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA
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Hours: Mon - Fri (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Phone No. 804-646-6430

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About the Clean City Commission

The Richmond Clean City Commission is composed of City Council appointees and concerned volunteers who help clean and beautify Richmond. Their current program, "Pride in Richmond is Picking Up," includes Neighborhood Volunteer Clean-Ups, Graffiti Abatement, and Adopt-A-Spot. For more information call the Clean City Commission Coordinator at (804) 646-8325.

Clean City Commission Board Members

  • Public Works Director: Bobby Vincent

  • Support Services Manager

Board Members

District Board Member
1st District Angie Heyming
2nd District Mirian Lack
3rd District Ed Gilchrist
4th District Caroline Cardwell
5th District Mark Hickman
6th District Jeannie Boisineau
7th District Nancy Lampert
8th District Claudia Spruill
9th District OPEN


Citizen/Corporate Volunteers

District Volunteer
1st District Jessica Wright
2nd District OPEN
3rd District Julian Gordan
4th District` James Arnold
5th District OPEN
6th District Avohom Carpenter
7th District Charles D'Aprix
8th District OPEN
9th District OPEN


Citywide Neighborhood Clean-Up Program Runs March - November 




Program Details:

  • Neighborhood Clean-Up Program - MAP and Schedule

  • Press Release with details and the list of zones and scheduled pick-up dates for the Annual Neighborhood Clean-Up Program - Coming Soon

Please note the following information about the program:

  • Neighborhood cleanups are scheduled from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays

  • Crews will collect bulk and brush items curbside and in alleys (wherever your trash is collected)

  • Acceptable items include: furniture, mattresses, bulk household trash, yard waste, tires (four per household) and appliances. All brush must be cut into four foot lengths. We take everything except the items listed below: 

  • Unacceptable items include: 

    • Electronics

    • Construction debris

    • Hazardous waste items

    • Broken glass

If you have questions please contact the Clean City Commission Liaison at (804) 646-8325

DIY Flyer - How to Properly Dispose Household Batteries, Paint, Hazardous Waste Items and Tires


Adopt - A- Spot

The Richmond Clean City Commission's Adopt-A-Spot /Street /Gateway Program wants you to help clean up Richmond. Individuals, organizations, or businesses "adopt" a street, intersection, lot, park, gateway - most anywhere - and agree to keep the area cleared of litter for at least two years.

We'll give you materials to help with the cleanups. After you have completed four cleanups, you get a sign with your name on the spot. We'll also appreciate your efforts and you'll get mention here on the web site with our other star volunteers.

Want more information? Call the Clean City Commission or simply fill out the agreement form and send it to us.

Each time you maintain your adopted area, please fill out an Adopt-A-Street activity form and send it back to us.

Illegal Signs

Any unauthorized or non-exempt signage posted in the city right-of-way, which includes medians, utility poles, or the area between the curb and sidewalk, is illegal under City Code. Anyone convicted of a violation may be fined up to $50 per day, per sign.


Richmond E-Cycle Day - Next Event Date coming soon


Christmas Tree Recycling, Paper Shredding, the collection of Electronics (some fees apply for electronics)

  • City of Richmond residents only
  • Date: TBA
  • Location: TBD 
    • Paper Document Shredding
      • Up to five (5) boxes of paper documents. Be sure to remove all binders, staples and clips
    • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) items 
      • Pesticides, Herbicides and Oil-based Paints
      • Bug spray, rodent poison and herbicides (Roundup, Weed B Gon etc.)
      • Latex and water based paints will not be collected. These items can be left in open paint cans until they have dried out and then put in with regular curbside trash pick-up
    • Electronics (various fees apply - see the list below along with the flyer with acceptable & non-acceptable items)
      • Computer systems (hard drive or CPU) and accessories (cables, wires, keyboards, mice, speakers, etc.) VCRs, camcorders, stereos and all phones
      • Televisions, computer monitors and printers

Useful Information, links and event details:

For more information, please call 804-646-8325 or send an email to


The City of Richmond offers convenient curbside recycling.

Your collection day is the same as your refuse (trash) collection day, except it takes place every other week.

We serve residential customers in single-family homes, duplexes, and fourplexes.  Sorry, we do not service apartment complexes or businesses.

Useful Information, links and event details:

Note: Plastic Makes Problems

Plastic bags or plastic bagged recyclables are not accepted at our local recycling drop-off containers. Plastic bags and plastic bagged recyclables cause problems at the sorting facility, raise disposal costs and are impacting residential recycling programs nationwide. We are asking local recyclers to not place them in their recycling containers and to recycle plastic bags at local grocery/retail stores.

    For more information, please call 804-646-8325 or email

    Various parts of popular electronic devices may contain dangerous heavy metals, including lead, silver, barium, cadmium, chromium and mercury. The city of Richmond, in collaboration with the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA), typically holds e-recycling collection events quarterly. Please stay tuned for information on future city of Richmond sponsored events or visit the CVWMA website for more information.

    Richmond residents are welcome to bring their unwanted electronics. Most items are accepted free of charge however, some electronics have fees.

    How to properly Recycle Household Batteries, Paint, Hazardous Waste and Tires - Flyer

    Please visit CVWMA's Electronics Recycling Wizard for more information.

    Please visit SECURIS for additional monthly Electronics Events and information on recycling electronics.

    Curbside Recycling - Tons


    2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021  2022 
    January -- 792 1,036.20 1,019 822.92 927.57 891.2 713.5
    February 490.65 901.56 776.44 805 715.03 741.63 825.5 725.2
    March 680 940.85 912.60 833.70 731.03 887.11 967.5 856.3
    April 620 800.36 839.23 884.80 862.13 969.95 854.7 750.6
    May 550.31 983.06 996.59 952.70 934.56 955.55 821.6 850.0
    June 639.06 956.61 902.48 920.70 801.78 808.60 997.7 888.3
    July 583.38 796.34 897.60 957 949.77 949.80 869.3  
    August 781.82 1,006.79 963.38 940.70 787.68 787.70 943.1  
    September 886.45 854.72 798.09 829.50 792.23 792.20 936.1  
    October  846.60 886 921.01 943.80 855.54 855.50 882.9  
    November 883.19 908.70 901.84 890.90 759.38 759.40 960.4  
    December 1,014.38 919.82 878.40 931.00 956.27 1099.47 1099.5  



    In 2015 the City distributed 95-gallon recycling carts to City households, including dwellings with up to four units. The enhanced recycling initiative comes as a result of grant for a first-of-its-kind private/public recycling agreement with The Recycling Partnership, (formerly Curbside Value Partnership or CVP). Richmond is one of only four cities in the southeast to receive the grant money. In addition to increasing the amount residents can recycle, the program will enable the City to provide alley collection in neighborhoods where trash is picked up in alleys. Until now, all recycling collections have been curbside.

    City Receives Grant and will Upgrade Recycling Program

    Under the terms of the grant agreement, the City will receive nearly $560,000.

       $350,000 to purchase the 95-gallon recycling carts, each equipped with a radio frequency identification device (RFID) tag tracking mechanism

       $70,000 for expanded community outreach/education campaign and the implementation of the initial phase-in

       $139,000 ‘in-kind’ from CVP to expand education and community outreach

    City Ordinance, No. 2007-230-275 allows receptacles to be placed on City property or in the public right-of-way no earlier than 4:00 p.m. the day prior to collection and requires the receptacles be removed by 7:00 a.m. the day after collection. The city of Richmond will issue warnings for refuse and recycling receptacles left in the public right of way outside of specified collection times. The trash and recycling receptacles used by Richmond residents and businesses will be subject to these warnings. The City's Department of Public Works will place yellow warning stickers on receptacles that must be removed. Leaving receptacles on public sidewalks, alleys, roads and other city property isn't just unsightly, it also creates unsafe conditions for pedestrians and vehicles. Please help keep these areas attractive and safe by removing your receptacles outside of the specified collection times.


    Adopt-A-Spot/Street/Gateway Program

    Spotlight on STARS/Volunteers ...coming soon


    Adopt-A-Spot/Street/Gateway Program

    The Clean City Commission's Program is a great way to give back to the community and show your pride for the city.

    We need your help keeping Richmond clean. 

    Adopt-A-Spot/Street/Gateway Program Details:

    The program is open to:

    • Individuals, organizations, or businesses to "adopt" a street, intersection, lot, park, gateway - almost anywhere

    Your Responsibility:

    • Select an area you or your organization is interested in cleaning and fill out the agreement form and send it to us
    • Commitment: Agree to keep the selected area cleared of litter for at least two years
    • Each time you maintain your adopted area, fill out the Adopt-A-Street activity form and send it back to us.

    We provide materials to help with the cleanups:

    • Grabbers
    • Gloves
    • Bags
    • DPW staff will collect the bags of litter 

    We want to reward  your organization for helping keep Richmond litter free.

    • After completing 10 (ten) documented cleanups, we will recognize your organization with a custom Adopt-A-Spot Sign with your organization's name  
      • The sign will be installed in the selected area where you have been working
    • We will also list your name on our website with other stars/volunteers

    For more information, please call 804-646-8325 or email


    Why didn't they take my boxes?

    You need to break down your cardboard boxes so we can put them in the truck.

    Why don't you take plastic bags?

    There currently is no market for such items.  However, many grocery stores do have bins to recycle plastic bags.

    I live in an apartment complex.  What can I do?

    Use the drop-off recycling sites below.  They take everything just as curbside.

    Where are the Drop-Off Recycling Locations?

    • Stratford Hills Shopping Center, 
      6788 Forest Hill Avenue, near Hathaway Road 
      Map It
    • East Richmond Road Landfill
      3800 East Richmond Road 
      Map It
    • Richmond Southside Transfer Station
      3520 North Hopkins Road 
      Map It
    • Parker Field Annex
      1700 Robin Hood Road, gravel lot behind Credit Union 
      Map It


    • No need to separate items. The following items can be mixed all together in your recycling bin : Newspapers, mixed paper, aluminum cans, steel cans, aluminum foil, glass bottles, jars
    • There is a label on the lid detailing which recyclables to put in the can. Additionally, as of July 1, 2016, accepted items for recycling will now include plastics #1- #7 bottles and containers, caps and lids (all free of food and residue), and food and beverage cartons such as milk, juice, juice boxes, and egg substitutes. No plastics bags, Styrofoam, food contaminated pizza boxes are accepted.
    • We serve residential customers in single-family homes, duplexes, and fourplexes.  Sorry, we do not service apartment complexes or businesses.

    Local Impacts to changing Global Recycling Markets

    Recycling Perks

    Because each cart is equipped with a radio frequency identification device (RFID) tag tracking mechanism, residents will be able to sign up for Recycling Perks. Those who utilize their recycling carts can receive up to $25 month of coupons and discounts at participating merchants. The program has three major advantages:

    (1) promotes local merchants

    (2) helps divert waste from landfills, and

    (3) allows you to save money through discounts at participating merchants.

    Go to to register for the Recycling Perks Program or click on the icon above. 

    Recycling and Green Events - click here for details


    For more information on recycling, please call 646-8325.