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                 For gas leaks, leave the area and call 911


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Department of Public Utilities

The City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities (DPU) operates five utilities: natural gas, water, wastewater, stormwater, and electric streetlighting. DPU serves more than 500,000 residential and commercial customers in the Richmond and surrounding metropolitan region. DPU's electric street lighting utility maintains more than 37,000 streetlights throughout the city. DPU maintains a combined sewer system (CSS) in the central part of the city, which carries stormwater and wastewater to the wastewater treatment plant prior to discharging it into the river. The Stormwater Utility also enhances public safety and health and protects property by improving the quality and decreasing the quantity of polluted stormwater runoff.

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The City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities has been pleased to continue helping protect the health and safety of Richmond residents by providing clean and safe drinking water, among other utility services during this time. The pandemic has presented tremendous challenges for us all and we continue with non-disconnection of utility services at this time. DPU and Richmond Gas Works remains focused on the health and protection of our customers as well as that of our technicians, while also moving towards recovery. To this end, and with the expiration of the state of emergency, DPU is taking action to forge ahead. To avoid financial hardship, customers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about payment assistance including payment plan options. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.

Click here for FAQs to better understand how DPU is forging ahead.   

DPU’s Mission is to provide safe and reliable utility service while creating exceptional value.

Our Vision to Our Customers is to proactively serve the utility needs of regional customers through environmental stewardship and resource conservation while providing cost effective, safe service.

Our 700 Strong Vision is to be a premier employer that nurtures employee pride, success and development through honesty, integrity, respectfulness and service toward others.

The Values we operate under are:
Customer Satisfaction
Operational Excellence
Financial Growth and Stability
Employee Pride and Ownership

City of Richmond Department of Public Utilities
900 E. Broad Street
Room 115
Richmond, VA 23219

Customer Care Call Center:
For all your utility needs
* For gas leaks, leave the area and call 911

Online Service Requests:
(To report streetlight outages or stormwater related issues such as missing manhole covers or basin repair)

Media Inquiries and Speaker Requests:

FOIA Requests:

Rights & Responsibilities: The Rights of Requesters and the Responsibilities of the City of Richmond under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act:

The Virginia Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), § 2.2-3700 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the Commonwealth and representatives of the media access to public records held by public bodies, public officials, and public employees.

A public record is any writing or recording -- regardless of whether it is a paper record, an electronic file, an audio or video recording, or any other format -- that is prepared or owned by, or in the possession of a public body or its officers, employees or agents in the transaction of public business. All public records are presumed to be open, and may only be withheld if a specific, statutory exemption applies.

The policy of FOIA states that the purpose of FOIA is to promote an increased awareness by all persons of governmental activities. In furthering this policy, FOIA requires that the law be interpreted liberally, in favor of access, and that any exemption allowing public records to be withheld must be interpreted narrowly.

Make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request to the Department of Public Utilities:

Department of Public Utilities FOIA Officers:

  • Johnetta Taylor
  • Rhonda Johnson (back-up)

Please make a FOIA request to the Department of Finance by completing and returning this form:
DPU FOIA Request Form
DPU FOIA Request Form_fillable

Click Here to Learn More About FOIA or File a FOIA Request with Another Department

DPU is constantly working to improve the City's utility infrastructure. Below are projects currently underway. Click each link for project details.

Byrd Park Reservoir Rehabilitation Project- This project is working to improve the distribution system reliability and increase operational flexibility of facilities associated with the Reservoir.

Byrd Park Tank Rehabilitation Newsletter Volume 1

Byrd Park Tank Rehabilitation Newsletter Volume 2

Byrd Park Tank Rehabilitation Newsletter Volume 3 

Byrd Park Tank Rehabilitation Newsletter Volume 4

Chimborazo Drop Shaft and Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project - The project includes the replacement of the portion of sewer as a permanent replacement for the emergency repaired portion of the brick step sewer that was damaged during the 2004 slope failure caused by Tropical Storm Gaston and has been designed in such a way to avoid potentially unstable soils.

Chimborazo Drop Shaft and Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Chimborazo Drop Shaft and Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project Newsletter- Volume 2

Libbie Avenue and Cary Street Sanitary Sewer Replacement - This project will relocate and repair a deteriorated sewer main and reinstate associated sewer service laterals.

Libbie and Cary Sewer Replacement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

McGuire Drive and Chapel Drive Drainage Improvement Project - This project will reduce routine flooding occurrences by providing better drainage through the installation of gutters, drain inlets and pipes.

McGuire and Chapel Drainage Improvement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Silverwood Drive Drainage Improvement Project - This project will improve drainage capacity and reduce clogs in the drainage system.

Silverwood Drive Drainage Improvement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Wakefield Road Drainage Improvement Project - This project will replace storm drain pipes and culverts to address erosion and sediment buildup in the area.

Wakefield Road Drainage Improvement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Westower Drive - This project will upgrade the existing stormwater conveyance system to alleviate flooding. 

Westower Drive and Whitlone Drainage Improvement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Whitehead Road - This project, initiated as a result of routine flooding, will replace existing culverts and install new sidewalks.

Whitehead Road Culvert Replacement Project Newsletter- Volume 1

Utility Talk
Utility Talk is a quarterly publication providing customers with new, information, and safety messages. It is distributed mostly through utility bills and is available here. 

Utility Talk Winter 2022
Utility Talk Fall 2022
Utility Talk Summer 2022
Utility Talk Spring 2022
Utility Talk Winter 2021
Utility Talk Fall 2021
Utility Talk Summer 2021
Utility Talk Spring 2021

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