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Human Services Cabinet


The overarching goal is to foster an alignment of strategies and resources among myriad entities serving the community. The Human Services Cabinet for the city of Richmond is comprised of the local subject matter experts on food, shelter, public safety, health, behavioral health, employment, transportation, older adults, multicultural population, persons with sensory and physical disabilities, education, early childhood, volunteers, nonprofit organizations, and mechanisms that can leverage donations of time, money and the human need to connect.  

It is critical that accurate information is used when decisions are made regarding strategies to mobilize resources and people.

Each Cabinet Subject Matter Expert is considered the authoritative voice in Richmond on this topic.


Questions from the community to the Human Services Cabinet should be directed to the DCAO for Human Services.  The DCAO is the point person for the Cabinet. The Human Services Subject Matter Experts have their own organizations and crisis lines, and can be contacted for the specific questions from citizens. This Cabinet is a collaborative of city and community backbone organizations working on specific issues about how to move the community forward and solve and longstanding challenges.


Topic Expert Organization Description/Webinar
Behavioral Health

John Lindstrom

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority

Richmond Behavioral Health Authority:  Who We Are, What We Do, and Why?

Webinar link

Community Connections

Mollie Reinhart

Befriend Movement  
Early Childhood Care and Education

Ann Payes

Thrive Birth to Five



Doug Pick

Feed More  

Lisa Ramirez

YMCA of Greater Richmond  
Homelessness/Housing Crisis

Kelly King Horne


Caprichia Spellman

Immigrant and Refugee Communities

Karla Almendarez-Ramos

Office of Immigrant and Refugee Engagement -OIRE

Serving Immigrant Communities in the City of Richmond


Older Adults

Amy Strite 

Senior Connections

Older Adults Services and Supports in the City of Richmond

Persons with Sensory and Physical Disabilities

Gerry O'Neill

Resources for Independent Living

The Disability Rights Movement:  Pat, Present, Future

Public Health

Margo Webb BSW, MPA

Richmond City Health District

Richmond City Health District's Role in Establishing Health Equity

Public Safety

Captain Daniel Minton

Richmond Police Department  

Matthew Stanley

Richmond Public Schools  
The Giving Wall

Becky Crump

The Giving Wall  

Vanessa Diamond

HandsOn Greater Richmond