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Office of Performance Management

The Office of Performance Management was created to instill a long-term culture of accountability and success by:

  • Setting and achieving organizational goals
  • Utilizing data to inform decision-making regarding Performance Measures
  • Aligning resources in a matter consistent with organizational priorities 
  • Delivering quality services
  • Being responsive to the concerns and needs of residents
  • Being a satisfying place to work for strong employees


Functions of the office include:

  • Coordinating Strategic Planning, Policy and Internal Reform Implementation
  • Implementing Performance-Based Budgeting
  • Assessing organizational challenges (for internal services)
  • Leading implementation of additional internal reforms identified by Performance Review and/or ongoing assessments


Strategic Action Plans

The Office of Performance Management is also responsible for the development of Strategic Action Plans for the City of Richmond.  The City's Strategic Plan is a cyclical process and is revisited at least annually as part of the annual budget planning process.  The plan seeks to align management priorities and the associated performance indicators with budgeting and appropriate resource allocation for the next several years. 

Below are the Strategic Action Plans for each year, beginning with 2020.  In the document, many of the City's agencies present their Strategic Action Plans as required by City Council Ordinances 2018-030 and 2019-157.  These plans are the conclusion of a collaborative process among City agencies and activities.