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Richmond, VA
23219 USA

Office: 804-646-6474
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Fax: (804)646-3904

City Hall Room 102 for payment (must provide paperwork) or City Hall Room 100 if you need paperwork

You can also pay personal property taxes online. See the Finance website for Paying Taxes Online.

City Hall 8th Floor

For more information, visit the City of Richmond's Assessor's website.

There are several possible locations. Please visit the Public Utilities FAQ page for more information.

City Hall Room 109

Please visit the Virginia State Treasurer's website for more information.

Please visit the Virginia Department of Taxation's website for more information.

There is a minimum income requirement, but you can visit multiple areas throughout the city that will perform the service at no charge between January to April each year.

Tax Preparation Assistance Handout

City Hall Room 100 or on Finance's home page

Notary licenses are issued by the State of Virginia. Please visit the State of Virginia's Notary Information website.

Unclaimed property is managed by the State of Virginia. Please visit the Virginia Unclaimed Property website.

Please visit the U.S. Passport website for more information about applying in person or the U.S. Post Office website for other options.