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Department Of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development (DED) works to build a vibrant and equitable economy in Richmond by encouraging business investment, job creation, strategic development, long-term growth, and community well-being.

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FY 2023 Annual Report

The City of Richmond saw many economic development successes in FY 2023, including $2.57 billion in capital investment and 541 new jobs associated with announced projects. Learn more in the Department of Economic Development FY 2023 Annual Report.

Department Directory

Name Title (Area of Responsibility) Office Phone Number Email Address

Matthew Welch

Acting Director of Economic Development

(804) 646-5874
Katie McConnell Deputy Director of Economic Development (804) 240-2114
Robert Cappellanti Marketing Manager (804) 646-7438

Glenna Chung Executive Assistant, Senior
FOIA Officer
(804) 646-1507
Statia Gibson Senior Manager (804) 646-6737
Rick Winston Economic Development Programs Administrator (804) 646-5036
George Bolos Economic Development Business Services Manager (804) 646-0477
Jacquelyn Craft Economic Development Programs Administrator (804) 646-1823
Allison Beatty Economic Development
Analyst, Principal
(804) 316-4018

Christopher Nizamis Economic Development Programs Administrator (804)646-4316
Yvette Preston Real Estate Analyst (804) 646-7737