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Our new location as of December 6, 2021:

306 N. 8th Street, 3rd Floor

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Richmond, VA
23219 USA

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Goals to achieve

  • Obtain and lead a drug-free lifestyle.
  • Develop and maintain a productive, law abiding lifestyle.
  • Enhance employment skills through vocational training and/or job placement services.
  • Increase involvement in the recovery community (NA,AA and other recovery organizations).
  • Identify the warning signs of relapse and engage in relapse prevention planning.
  • Identify specific treatment needs and develop a treatment plan designed to work towards recovery.


The Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court is a court-supervised, substance abuse intervention and treatment program.  It is designed to promote public safety and reduce the recidivism rate of drug-related crime, while increasing the likelihood of successful rehabilitation by providing a comprehensive program of drug treatment services, probation and case management supervision, and intensive judicial monitoring for non-violent offenders with substance use disorders.


The Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court is an alternative to incarceration and/or regular supervised probation for non-violent felony offenders or first time offenders with substance abuse problems. RADTC is a court supervised substance abuse intervention and treatment program. It is a voluntary program that includes regular court appearances before one of the Circuit Court judges presiding over the RADTC program. Treatment includes drug testing, both individual and group counseling, regular attendance at recovery group meetings and 12 step meetings (Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous). We utilize a team approach with on-site Clinicians providing substance abuse treatment, Probation Officers and Case Managers coordinating ancillary and supervision services.  The Richmond Adult Drug Treatment Court is a five phase, highly structured, outpatient treatment program that lasts a minimum of 16 months.  The length of the phases varies depending upon an individual’s progress.  Each phase consists of specified treatment objectives and therapeutic and rehabilitative activities.

Only defendants convicted of non-violent offenses, including drug offenses and drug related property crimes, are eligible for the program.  Defendants with any criminal history of violent offenses (as defined in §17.1-805 or §19.2-297.1 of the Code of Virginia), sex offenses, felony weapons convictions, or with significant mental health problems (to the extent they are unable to participate in an outpatient program), are ineligible to participate in the program.  Distribution offenses may be eligible at the discretion of the Commonwealth Attorney. 

The Commonwealth Attorney has the absolute right to a veto, denying any defendant entrance or participation in the Adult Drug Court, for any reason, stated or unstated.

If you have pending charges in additional jurisdictions, they must be adjudicated prior to entering the RADTC program. You must be able to report to the Drug Court office as required and live within a manageable travel range.