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Navigating City Government

Municipal government can seem like a maze. Use this page to learn how to vote, advocate for yourself and neighbors and make an impact in City Hall. 

Click the image below to learn more about government hierarchy. Some agencies fall under the mayor's purview, some under Richmond City Council's and some are separate constitutional officers guaranteed by the Richmond City Charter or the state. 

Click here to see a full-sized organizational chart explaining the structure of city government.

  • Use the Virginia Department of Elections Citizen Portal. You can use this tool to update your registration, apply to vote absentee, and view key information about your civic life: your polling place, election districts, absentee ballot status and voting history.
  • In Virginia, anyone convicted of a felony automatically loses their civil rights, which includes the right to vote. If you were formerly convicted of a felony, you should check your civil rights status and see if you qualify for the restoration of your voting rights. 
  • Contact your councilperson. In the City of Richmond, the legislative branch of government is the City Council. You can figure out who your councilperson is here by completing an address search. Here is a link to every councilperson's email and phone contacts. 
  • Speak at a meeting of Richmond City Council. The Office of the City Clerk has prepared a helpful Resident Guide to council meetings and protocols. 

If you have a vision for your neighborhood, whether it's a community garden or a new bike lane, there are sure to be neighbors that agree with you. Get in touch with them, and use your combined voices and networks to make that vision a reality. 

The Department of Planning and Development Review has compiled a list of neighborhood associations, community garden groups and park support groups. You do NOT have to own your home to take part in most of these groups, though some may require fees or dues. 

Want to explore the jurisdictions of certain community groups in depth? Click here to see a map. 

The Community Ambassadors are a group of individuals for and from the Richmond community. The Ambassadors are willing and able to shepherd you through accessing the city’s many support programs, from Office of Community Wealth Building workforce programs to COVID-19 relief grants. 

Most of the community ambassadors began their journey with the city as beneficiaries of the Office of Community Wealth Building. The 38-strong ambassador program is armed with decades of lived experience and daily dedication to anti-poverty efforts. 

The program is led by James Davis, a longtime community leader and former client of the Office of Community Wealth Building. James grew up living in many Richmond neighborhoods and has lived in Richmond almost his entire life. 

To get in touch with the ambassadors, call 804-646-6374 or visit 900 E. Marshall St. Suite 160. 

The Mayor's Office designed a digital platform so that you could both give and get help related to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, we're RVA .  

Click here to visit RVA. 

The Mayor's Office welcomes your feedback on city initiatives, programs and services. If you want to get in touch, the best way to do so is by phone at 804-646-7970 or by email

If you would like to invite the mayor to an event or solicit a letter of support from the office, click here to see your options.