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Our mission is “Promoting open and accountable city government through independent audit services” with the authority of the City Auditor as established by Richmond City Charter Sec. 4-18.  We are committed to providing professional, objective auditing services to City of Richmond agencies which will promote efficiency and effectiveness of city operations, under the directions of the Audit Committee and City Council in accordance with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS).

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What do we do?

The Office of the City Auditor plans, conducts, and reports on audits that will result in effective audit coverage of the City of Richmond, focusing on efficient use of resources.  Audits are conducted from an annual auditing plan, which is established every year by the management team of the Office of the City Auditor based on: financial exposure, complexity of operations, compliance with laws and regulations, public dependency on services provided, time lapse or condition changes since the last audit, and special requests by the City of Richmond Administration or City Council. The purpose of the audit is to test implemented procedures (internal controls), within the subject department or program, to make sure objectives are being achieved.  Results of the audit are then issued in an Audit Report which will be reviewed with subject department management and relevant staff, and submitted to the Audit Committee for evaluation and follow-up.  This ensures effective audit coverage of the City of Richmond and promotes efficient use of department resources.

Planned Audits Fiscal Year 2024

Planned Audits Fiscal Year 2023


The audit process strives to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of City processes, provide cost savings and revenue enhancement, and strengthen the decision-making process by increasing the awareness of internal controls. An audit is an objective and independent assessment of risk, controls, and compliance and provides transparency of operations to help identify problem areas and opportunities. The scope of the work will often involve the evaluation of financial reliability resources to promote operational efficiency, identify opportunities for money savings, and deter fraud. The audited department will then be empowered to address any action or condition that was found to be contrary to management’s orders, City policy, laws or regulations, or did not help the program or department reach its goals. Ultimately, it is not the goal of the Office of the Auditor to find something wrong, but rather to provide transparency through an objective report of the status of City of Richmond operations to promote awareness, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Certifications and Safeguards

As the Office of the City Auditor strives to promote openness and accountability through the City of Richmond government, several certifications and safeguards have been put in place to ensure that the Office of the City Auditor continues to maintain independence, full financial accountability, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.  City Code Sec. 2-1081 provides the authority for the Audit Committee to review and evaluate the work of the Office of the City Auditor and an Annual Performance Report is issued. Every three years, as promulgated by Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), a qualified peer review team that is independent of the audit organization, will “audit the auditor” and issue a Certificate of Compliance. All audit staff are also required to sign a yearly Conflict of Interest statement to ensure independence and maintain continuing professional education in the amount of 40 hours a year to comply with GAGAS. The Office of the City Auditor has also received a Knighton Award in recognition of its work.

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Fraud, Waste or Abuse

If you suspect fraud, waste or abuse of City resources, you should contact the City's Inspector General's Office either by phone (804)646-5697 or you can file a report online.

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For any questions about the auditing process, our mission, or for any suggestions or concerns please contact us at:
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