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Richmond City Council Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces

Critical to the foundation of our citizen-run government, each year Richmond City Council regularly establishes and/or appoints members to serve on local and regional government and non-government boards, commissions, committees and task forces, which range from advisory to policy to governing. Richmond City Council makes appointments throughout the year as vacancies occur and new entities are created. There are an average of about 50 entities Richmond City Council appoints members. Most appointed positions are volunteer/non-paid.

   Local and regional government and non-government boards, commissions, committees and task forces provide important additional intellectual assistance on behalf of subjects and undertakings that help shape the quality of our lives, neighborhoods and community. Membership and service on these entities offers and provides individuals with additional opportunities to participate with and learn more about local and regional government and other non-government entities. Service on an entity enables individuals to use their education, experience, skills and abilities on behalf of their community and all interested individuals are invited and encouraged to apply to serve.

   Each entity has individual membership terms that range from a few months for project-oriented ones to a few years for more long-term ones. Subject to an individual entity’s governing, incumbents may also be considered for reappointment at the conclusion of their terms and generally may serve up to two successive full terms unless otherwise prohibited. (Note: It is also possible for a person to be appointed to serve to fill a remainder of a partial unexpired term then be appointed to serve subsequent successive terms. Also, unless otherwise specified, service on an entity also may be longer if a new appointment has not been made and an incumbent is willing to continue service until that time.

   The amount of time commitments vary from entity to entity and could range from a few to 20 or more hours a month. Meeting times, dates, locations and frequency are scheduled as required.

   Oversight of appointments to Boards, Commissions and Task Forces is provided by one of the six Richmond City Council Standing Committees that an entity is assigned to, which is assisted by a Richmond City Council Boards and Commissions Administrator.

   For more information on Richmond City Council Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Task Forces — including a complete listing, vacancies, current members, appointment term information and applications — please visit the Office of the City Clerk's Boards and Commissions webpage.

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Richmond City Council Boards and Commissions Vacancies

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