Inside the Retirement Transition

The city will transition to VRS on January 1, 2024. Learn more about VRS.

Learn more about your retirement options from a presentation by VRS counselors.

Review answers to questions you may have about the VRS transition.

Be a Hero and Wear a Mask
Be a Hero and Wear a Mask

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Your Retirement Matters! 

Many people choose to retire when they can and want to live an enjoyable job-free life. We understand the decision to retire can be a big and daunting one.  

You want to have the means to do the activities and plans you enjoy, and have the time, energy, and financial security to support yourself and your family in your retirement years. 

We value the critical role you have taken in public service, making the City of Richmond a wonderful place to live, work, and play. After a career at the city, we want you to experience peace of mind and security in your retirement years. 

Retirement is an individual responsibility. As your employer, the City of Richmond will give you the tools and assistance to help you make the best choices for yourself. 

The city will transition to the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) on January 1, 2024.  

Employees hired as of December 31, 2023, will have to make a decision to stay in RRS or move to VRS. This is a permanent decision. 

This site will help you learn about your options and get the information you need to make your decision.