Alley Maintenance

Alleys in Richmond allow access to the rear of many properties, as well as providing a hiding place for unsightly items such as overhead wires andAlley Maintenance refuse containers.  As with streets, we are responsible for the surface condition of public alleys, which may involve regrading and adding stone, or patching asphalt if an alley is paved.

Did you know, as a City resident and/or property owner, some alley maintenance is your responsibility?

Per City Code §38-152, §38-154(d), it shall be a misdemeanor for any person who owns or occupies property within the City to permit any grass, plants, bushes, weeds or any other vegetation 12 inches high or over, other than trees, shrubbery, agricultural plants, garden vegetables, flowers or ornamental plants, to exist on any sidewalk, public right of way, or grass strip adjacent to such property or unimproved street or alley (to the centerline of such unimproved street or alley).