Chimborazo Drop Shaft and Interceptor Sewer Replacement, PH1

Project Summary and Scope


The Chimborazo Interceptor Sewer serves a portion of the Church Hill area to the north and west of the Chimborazo Park. The majority of the upstream sewer system flows to a manhole at the top of a steep slope adjacent to the park (MH C - 32nd St South of E Grace St.). The Rim Elevation of this manhole at the top of the slope is about 152 feet and the invert is about 124 feet, a depth of about 28 feet. The 48” circular brick sewer downstream is located in a significant slope. As a consequence of Hurricane Gaston, the slope adjacent to MHC failed and caused a portion of the downstream sewer to collapse. An emergency sewer repair was done in 2004. This involved reconstructing a portion of the “step” sewer in the slope near existing junction chamber (JC1). A HDPE sewer was constructed from JC1 to a new junction chamber (JC2) on the downstream 60” circular brick sewer. Because of the previous slope failure, the future stability of the existing sewer downstream of MHC is unknown.


Construct five new precast concrete manholes and a new 60” ductile iron gravity sewer to convey flow from a tie-in to an existing 60-inch brick sewer at the intersection of East Grace Street and North 32nd Street to the diversion chamber and from the drop shaft chamber to a tie-in with an existing 60-inch brick sewer at the bottom of the slope.  New sewers shall be installed using both open trench and microtunneling methods.  The work also includes construction of launching pits for new 72-inch casing pipe installed by microtunneling.

Construct a new 10-foot (internal dimension) inlet chamber manhole and new 18-foot (internal diameter) drop shaft chamber at the south end of Chimborazo Park in the Church Hill area of the City at the top of the existing slope in an existing City park road.

Project Milestones

RFQ - Advertised February 16, 2021. Proposals received March 23, 2021.

IFB - Bids received 11/16/2021 / Bids opened 11/17/21.

Contract Award - 1/31/2022

Notice to Proceed - 4/4/2022

Contract Start / Duration - 4/4/2022 / 660 consecutive calendar days

Contract Completion Date: 1/23/2024

Project Funding

FY18 Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Program - #C-515624

Total Loan amount: $8,944,513

Project Status Updates


Pre-Construction Meeting held

Notice to Proceed: April 4, 2022

Contract Duration: 660 Calendar Days

Contract Completion Date: January 23, 2024



Contract Awarded to Southwood Building Systems, Inc.


Reference Check conducted and Recommendation to award Memo submitted


Bids received from three (3) vendors


Design modifications and cost estimate is complete. Revised documents submitted to Procurement for advertisement.


RFQ Process completed and list of recommended contractors has been submitted to Department of Procurement.  Design modification and update of cost estimate is in process. 


Project advertised for Request for Qualifications on February 16, 2021.  Proposals received on March 23, 2021.  Proposals under review to select qualified contractors to bid on construction of project.


Project to be re-advertized for Request For Qualifications. Previous RFQ process expired.


Project design is at 100% and has been submitted to the Department of Procurement Services to advertise the Request for Qualifications.

Contractors will be qualified and the design will be completed prior to advertisement for bids to construct..


RFQ review completed and the list of recommended contractors to be invited to bid on the project submitted to Department of Procurement.   The 100% drawings, plans and specifications to be submitted for IFB advertisement.


Project design is at 90% and has been submitted to the Department of Procurement Services to advertise the Request for Qualifications.

Contractors will be qualified and the design will be completed prior to advertisement for bids to construct..

Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.

Categorical Exclusion - TBD

Certificate To Construct - Approval Letter received: 7/20/18

Work In Street Permit - Will be obtained by the contractor prior to the start of construction.

Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

Expenditures as of: 07/01/2021

Preliminary Engineering Report: $183,104.15

Engineering Design: $ 493,151.93 

Engineering Services During Construction: $62,372.52

CM Services: $6,850.82


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