Jahnke Road Improvements

Project Summary and Scope


Jahnke Road Improvements from Blakemore Road to Forest Hill Avenue.


The project scope is to improve safety, accessibility, drainage, multi modal transportation and esthetics through the corridor.

Provide improved access to private entrances.

Install upgraded traffic signal at Forestview School Drive.

Install a center raised median (with landscaping) and turn lanes at high traffic volume intersections.

Installation of curb and gutter on both sides of Jahnke Road west of CSXT railroad.

Install 8’ shared use path on the north side of the project and a 5’ sidewalk on the south side.  The Project will improvement sidewalk between Forest Hill Ave and Clarence Street. ​

A two way cycle track will be added between Forest Hill Ave and Clarence Street along west bound Jahnke Road.  

Part of the Project Written Studies, Reports, Presentation

 Staff Report Ordinance of RW Necessity

 Ordinance Of RW Necessity

 RW plans

Typical Landscape Section Design

Project Milestones

Right of Way Acquisition - November 2016 - Complete

Construction Plans - January 2017 - Complete

Relocation of Utilities - January 2022- Complete

Advertise for Construction - Winter 2022 - Planned

Complete Construction - Summer 2024 - Planned

Project Funding

$17,080,000 – Federally funded. Award #’s: 500235, 500236, 500238, 500239, 500240, 500243, 500244 Project #: 100570

Project Budget: $17,080,000

Project Status Updates

  • Filed right of way certificate of take. Acquiring right of way and finishing construction plans as of September 2016.
  • Construction Re-advertisement Winter 2022 - Revised

Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.



Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)

Life to Date  $6,221,580

Project Contact Information, if you have questions about this project please contact this individual.

Performance Measures and Benchmarks

The construction schedule is being reviewed due on-going railroad coordination.

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information

See Link to ordinance in Project Studies section.

Contract Information

Project Engineering by Jacobs