Project Summary and Scope

The Shockoe Project.

Uncovering the story of enslavement on sites of historic significance.

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The Shockoe Project

Formerly The Enslaved African Heritage Campus, The Shockoe Project will create a comprehensive, experiential destination that places Richmond at the center of the American story by recognizing the history of enslaved and free Africans and people of African descent.  Anticipated components of The Shockoe Project include new indoor and outdoor programmed experiences including an Interpretive Center located on the north end of the first floor of the Main Street Station and site selection recommendations for a National Slavery Museum experience.  The Shockoe Project also includes improvements and additional commemoration aspects to The Richmond Slave Trail, The Shockoe Bottom African Burial Ground, the Winfree Cottage and its relocation back to Manchester south Richmond, The Shockoe Hill African Burying Ground at 5th and Hospital Streets (1305 N. 5th St.), the former slave trading sites throughout Shockoe Valley and renovation of the Reconciliation Statue Plaza.  The Shockoe Project is currently in the planning stages.  The Shockoe Project website will launch winter 2024.


Project Funding

Allocated funding for The Shockoe Project totals $33.3 million, an additional $13 million is proposed in the Mayor's Budget 2024 to be reviewed by City Council. Once designs are developed, cost estimates will follow and additional funding will be sought.  The National Slavery Museum Foundation and the Shockoe Institute to be located in the first floor of the Main Street Station are projects that will seek private donations via fund-raising campaigns to supplement available funding. The city received an $11,000,000 Mellon Foundation grant to supplement the creation of the Interpretive Center, that grant is included in the aforementioned $33.3 million.

Virginia General Assembly funding to support The Shockoe Project:

$1 million for Lumpkin's Jail/Devil's Half Acre planning and development

$1 million for Slave Trail Improvements less $99,034.07 previously drawn down

$9 million for the development of the Lumpkin's Jail/Devil's Half Acre building/development

Design Team

The City of Richmond contracted with Greeley & Hansen to provide hydrologic and hydraulic modeling studies to guide the opportunities available that allows new vertical construction in Shockoe Bottom within the limits The Shockoe Project campus.  FEMA updated the floodplain and floodway maps nationally in 2022, Shockoe Bottom is now impacted by a designated floodway within the 100 year floodplain restricting what can be placed within it in regards to vertical construction that would obstruct and redirect flood waters in a 100 year storm event.

Baskervill, led by Burt Pinnock, has been hired as the design team for all projects under The Shockoe Project umbrella and site selection for the National Slavery Museum.

Design Schedules:

Slave Trail Improvements and Slave Trail Head: design complete

Winfree Cottage relocation and site design: design complete

Reconciliation Statue Plaza Restoration: design to commence Spring 2024

Shockoe Hill African Burying Ground at 5th and Hospital: Mural project 95% complete, project design will evolve with Community Engagement coming Fall 2024

Lumpkin's Jail Site: Schematic Design and Study continues into Spring 2024

Shockoe Bottom African Burial Ground at 1554 E. Broad St: Schematic Design to commence Spring 2024

Construction Schedules:

Slave Trail pathway improvements and the Slave Trail Head at Ancarrow's landing will be constructed beginning Fall 2024 and completed Fall 2025.

Winfree Cottage will be relocated and a new site developed by Spring 2025

Project Contact:

Project Manager: Jeannie Welliver,, 804.646.7322

Project Sponsor: Leonard Mantey,, 804.357.2728