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Conversations with The Commonwealth

Community Conversations with The Commonwealth (09/14/2022)

Community Conversations with The Commonwealth (05/25/2022)

Community Conversations with The Commonwealth (3/30/2022)

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Review of Events at Lee Monument — June 1, 2020

Temporary removal of firearms from a dangerous person ("Red Flag Law")

If you believe that a person poses a substantial risk of personal injury to himself or others in the near future by possessing any firearm, please contact the Richmond Police Department at 804-646-6733. The Police will conduct an investigation. If the investigation determines that the person is dangerous, the Police will file a petition with the Magistrate or the Court. The Magistrate or Court will determine whether there is probable cause to order (1) that the person relinquish any firearm he has and (2) that the person cannot buy, possess, or transport a firearm while the order is in effect. 

For further information please see this link to the Emergency Substantial Risk Order law ("Red Flag Law"). 


Victim Witness Program Interview (WTVR CBS 6 released  01/25/2022)