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1209 Admiral Street 
Richmond, VA
23220 USA

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Phone(804) 646-5733

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Hotchkiss Field Community Center

701 East Brookland Park Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23222



Hotchkiss Field Community Center is located in the north side of Richmond. Amenities include a gymnasium, game room, computer lab, multi-purpose room and restrooms. Located outside the community center are two youth baseball fields, three basketball courts, a large children’s playground, two tennis courts, swimming pool, and two baseball fields.

Recreation programs and classes are offered in the areas of cultural arts, fitness, dance, crafts, cooking, self- improvement, computer classes, drama, sports, games, hobbies, martial arts, music, and do-it-yourself instruction. The center hosts The Great Summer Escape camp program, special events, workshops, after-school program, and cultural activities at different times.

Hotchkiss is also the host location for the teen entrepreneurial program, Trophies by Teens. The Trophies by Teens program teaches youth the ins and outs of running a small business. Youth create and produce trophies for City departments, businesses and citizens.

People of all ages will find a variety of recreation opportunities available at the center.

For more information about Hotchkiss Field Community Center's programs contact the center directly.