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Mayor Stoney announces new George Wythe High School to be next school construction project

Today, in front of George Wythe High School, Mayor Stoney announced that the Southside high school will be the next major school facility project to benefit Richmond’s students.
The Dreams4RPS Strategic Plan, supported by the School Board and funded in full by the Stoney administration, identified Wythe as the next facility in need of reinvention and rebuilding after the three new schools the administration unveiled this summer: Cardinal Elementary, Henry Marsh Elementary and River City Middle.
With the commitment, the School Board has the responsibility to lead a rigorous community engagement process to ensure plans for the school reflect the values and priorities of the community.
“Just this summer, we’ve proven this is possible when we put aside the self and focus on the community,” said Mayor Stoney of the school redesign process. “Together, we’ll build a high school that reflects the potential, innovation and spirit of the students inside.”
Mayor Stoney was joined by Councilmember Stephanie Lynch, School Board Chair Linda Owen, School Board Vice Chair Cheryl Burke and former School Board Chair Dawn Page, as well as members of the George Wythe and Richmond Public Schools Administration.
George Wythe High School opened its doors on Midlothian Turnpike in 1960. With the exception of one renovation in the early 1980s, the building has not undergone improvement since.
Wythe serves 1300 students. In the words of the mayor, “Wythe is the space where these students will spend four of the most formative, consequential years of their lives. These years that are so impactful on their futures shouldn’t be spent in a building stuck in the past.”