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Mayor Stoney founds Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility


Standing outside the Powhatan Community Center on the 4B GRTC bus line, Mayor Stoney announced that the city has launched a first-of-its-kind Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility.
Housed in the Department of Public Works, the office will design and implement a vision for a connected, safe and equitable transit and mobility infrastructure.
“The Office of Equitable Transit and Mobility will tackle the big and small issues that affect the bus commutes, walks and bike rides of our multimodal residents,” said Mayor Stoney. “This work is vital to building a connected city.”
The office’s portfolio will include:
Extending universal free bus fares, a measure with the full backing of Mayor Stoney;
Enhancing Richmond’s Complete Streets approach;
Designing a mobility action plan;
Expanding Vision Zero work;
Liaising with the Central Virginia Transportation Authority;
Evaluating and developing the city’s bus and paratransit system; and
Connecting existing walkways, bike lanes and other multimodal infrastructure to improve last mile connectivity for commuting Richmonders.
At this time, the creation of this office does not require any new funding or action by Richmond City Council. Current City of Richmond employees working on multimodal transportation will comprise the office. Housing the office in the Department of Public Works will minimize duplicative work while prioritizing multimodal transportation with an unprecedented amount of resources at the office’s disposal.
“The creation of this office will undoubtedly expand this city’s ability to enhance our multimodal infrastructure,” said Council President Cynthia Newbille. “I look forward to Richmond City Council collaborating with Ms. Clarke to complete streets all around the city.”

The office will be administered by fifteen-year transit professional and current City of Richmond Multimodal Transportation Manager Dironna Moore Clarke.
Ms. Clarke has served as the Multimodal Transportation Policy and Planning Manager for the Office of the Virginia Secretary of Transportation and Transit General Manager for the City of Petersburg. Before her work in the Commonwealth, she served Tennesseans in the Department of Transportation advising local and regional transportation bodies on public transportation options as alternatives to road and highway improvement.
Says Ms. Clarke: “I thank Mayor Stoney for the opportunity for this leadership role in the city. Relying on the principles of sustainable transportation, our office will develop strategies and tools to assist the city in maximizing transportation investments on behalf of the residents of Richmond.”
“I have confidence that Dironna’s experience with regional, state and federal partners will bolster this office’s ability to deliver equitable and multimodal transportation services well into the future,” said Mayor Stoney. “Dironna knows Richmond, and she’s ready to listen to the community.”
The Stoney administration has focused on ensuring transportation developments and improvements support a growing multimodal network. The city has funded GRTC route enhancements, funded a new GRTC route, launched the Pulse Bus Rapid Transit and provided free bus passes for high schoolers.
The administration has also marked over 30 miles of new bike lanes, including major projects on Williamsburg and Brook Roads in the East End and Northside, respectively.