Hull Street Road Improvements Phase I

Project Summary and Scope

Project Limits- From Hey Road to Warrwick Road

This project will enhance capacity and improve safety for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists by separating the thru lanes from turning lanes and by reducing the number of conflict points along the corridor.  The proposed improvements will provide a consistent 4 lane typical section (11’ wide lanes) with two lanes each direction and a 15’ wide median with left turn lanes and adequate storage length at intersections, major traffic generators and median crossovers. The improvements will include curb and gutter and a drainage system to handle stormwater runoff.  A 5’ wide green space and 5’ wide sidewalk along the east side and an 8’ wide green space and 10’ wide shared-use-path along the west bound side will provide pedestrian and bicycle safety and route continuity along the entire corridor and connectivity with the City’s bicycle and pedestrian Master Plan. 

The Hull Street Road Improvement project, located along the dividing line between the Midlothian and Broad Rock Planning Districts is included on the City of Richmond’s Capital Improvement Plan.  Hull Street Road is a mixed use Residential and Commercial corridor located on the City’s southwest corporate limits and is a gateway entrance project from Chesterfield and Amelia Counties and a major access to VDOT’s limited access Chippenham Parkway.


The City, in conjunction with VDOT and Chesterfield County completed a Hull Street Road – Route 360 Revitalization Study and Plan in early 2013 recommending improvements to the roadway corridor including provisions for pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, landscaping and lighting to enhance comfort and safety.  Improvements to the City’s portion of the Revitalization Plan is anticipated to improve development and corridor use along the corridor

Part of the Project Written Studies, Reports, Presentation

 geotechnical report

 Hull Street Rd Draft Traffic Signal Warrants Tech Memo (3).pdf

 PCE Environmental clearance Phase I.pdf

90 percent hull street plans

For Milestones Written Studies, Reports, Presentation prepared for use of employees

 Hull Street Geotechnical Rpt 4-29-16 - PvmtPatching (2).pdf

Project Milestones

RW Acquisition-  July 2019 -May 2022

Utility relocation - June 2022  to January 2024

Final Plans - May 2024

Advertisement - July 2024

Construction Start- November 2024

Construction Completion-   November  2026

Project Close out       February  2027

Project Funding

Project is fully federal funded Project through federal smart scale funds in an amount of $ 21,099,700 as follows:

P.E= $3,500,000

RW and utility relocation= $7,960,000

Construction = $23,139,700

Total budget= $34,599.700

Project Status Updates

Project is currently in 90 % detailed design stage 

Right of way Phase is completed . Utility relocation phase is currently underway . scheduled to be finished by May  2024


Constructability review done Nov 23


Permit, information is listed below. For details please call the Department of Planning, Development and Review at 804-646-4169.


Expenses (costs are reported quarterly)


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Performance Measures and Benchmarks

Project development is on time and within budget.

Project Overall Status (Active, Pending or Complete)


Ordinance Information

ORD 2019-084 declare public necessity for RW acquisition

2014-012-21 Adopted Hull Street Corridor full revitalization plan

Ord # 2020-040 to modify right of way acquisition


Contract Information

Design contract number 15000003273 with JMT (PO # 15000017295)

City state project agreement with VDOT for UPC # 15959 is executed