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Dining Scene

Richmond: Virginia's Hungry Capital

As if having over 550 restaurants in the city isn't enough, the local food scene in Richmond has garnered national attention from the likes of The Food Network, The Travel Channel and Southern Living Magazine. In addition to the wide range of independently-owned restaurants in Richmond, the Food Truck scene is moving and grooving, offering quality food on the go. Finally, Richmond's craft brewing, cider , coffee and liquor manufactures are growing as Richmonders gravitate toward the locally-made beverages of their choice.

Independently-Owned Restaurants

With over 550 restaurants within the city limits, one of the highest number per capital in the country, Richmond has every type of cuisine you desire, and in unique venues or with spectacular views creating an ambiance you can't get anywhere else. Learn more.

Food Trucks Move And Groove

The Food Truck scene is huge! They travel the city offering everything from tacos to pad thai. Learn more.

Craft Brewing On The Rise

With nationally-recognized brews like Legends, and popular newcomers like Hardywood and Blue Bee Cidery, Richmond is becoming a hub for the craft beverage scene. Learn more.

A Growing Wine Bar Scene

As Virginia becomes more well-known for wine lovers and growers, the city of Richmond's wine bar scene is growing and national media such as Wine Enthusiast are taking notice. Learn more.