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Combat Challenge

The application window for Entry Level Fire Recruits is CLOSED

Visit and search "Fire Recruit" to find the specific job listing.

All candidates can view their application status on the Government Jobs website.

A candidate's sex, age, color, race, religion or other factors not related to organizational abilities will not be considered in the selection process. The Richmond Department of Fire and Emergency Services is an equal opportunity employer. For additional information, call (804) 646-2500.


Fire Recruit Hiring Process

Click here to view the Fire Recruit brochure.

Click here to view the Fire Recruit job description.


All candidates must submit an online employment application.  The email you provide on your employment application will be the primary means in which you are contacted and notified throughout the hiring process. Please contact Richmond Fire and EMS Sworn Recruitment Team at (804) 646-2500 or email if you need assistance completing your online application.

Written Test

After submission of the online application, qualified candidates will receive correspondence to register for the Fire Recruit Written Test. The written test is approximately 3 hours in duration.

 A valid photo ID required for test entry (Driver’s License, Military ID)

Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Orientation and Mentoring Sessions

CPAT is utilized to assess a candidate’s physical agility to complete critical firefighting tasks effectively and safely.


Those candidates that score above the established written test score and are invited to CPAT will be notified of all opportunities to participate in CPAT Orientation and Mentoring Session. These same candidates will also be notified of the dates of CPAT testing will take place. Each candidate invited to CPAT is eligible to take advantage of the Orientation and Mentoring sessions and will be allowed 2 practice CPAT testing opportunities and one final CPAT test opportunity. If a candidate passes CPAT during one of the practice testing opportunities they do not have to return for the final CPAT testing opportunity. Candidates must sign a waiver form before participating in CPAT.

Candidates will have the opportunity to attend a CPAT orientation and CPAT mentoring sessions.


Those candidates who pass the CPAT will proceed to the next step of the hiring process.

In lieu of the CPAT Test, Richmond Fire & EMS will accept applicants that posess a valid CPAT Certification that was issued within a year date of hire.  

  • Successful completion of the testing (written and physical) does not guarantee an interview or offer of employment.


Selected candidates will be contacted regarding interview(s).

Conditional Offer of Employment and Background Checks

Candidates that pass all recruitment benchmarks referenced above will receive conditional offers of employment and will be required to complete pre-employment background checks offered by OEMS and the City of Richmond. All candidates selected for hire must have their COVID vaccination or submit a request for a religious or medical exemption.

The following recruitment benchmarks will occur: Fit Testing (Uniform and PPE) Psychological Written Test, Psychological One-on-One sessions, Health Physicals and Pre-Employment Drug Screenings.

Final Candidate Selection

All successful candidates will receive final offers of employment with a tentative date of employment for the Richmond Fire Recruit Academy.

*Richmond Fire & Emergency Services reserves the right to alter the recruitment benchmarks  and the sequence of the benchmarks throughout the recruitment process.


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