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Richmond City Council / COVID-19 Information and Resources

COVID-19 Information from the Richmond City Health District

Details on testing events and sites, vaccination, and more:

Visit the Richmond City Health District's Website


Richmond City Health District's Weekly COVID-19 Newsletter

A free, email-based newsletter sent out each week:

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COVID-19 Weekly Case Reports

Prepared by the Richmond City Health District, these reports include COVID-19 testing encounters and positivity, cases, hospitalizations, fatalities, and vaccinations:

Visit the COVID-19 Weekly Case Reports Webpage


Richmond's COVID-19 Recap

A detailed summary of the week's statistics and data on vaccine distribution, COVID-19 case demographics, and more. Created by the Richmond City Health District and available below in PDF format:

Richmond COVID-19 update 5.7.2021

Recap 2. 25.2021