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City seeking feedback on newly proposed bike lanes ~ Online survey available June 12 through June 26 ~

RICHMOND, Va. –   The Department of Public Works (DPW) has identified eight corridors that present opportunities for enhanced bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to be completed as part of the City’s paving and resurfacing program for summer 2022 through spring 2023. The eight corridors under consideration are:   

  1. Admiral Street/School Street
  2. German School Road
  3. North 25th Street
  4. North Sheppard Street
  5. Norfolk Street
  6. West Marshall Street
  7. West Moore Street
  8. Warwick Road

 The Department is also proceeding with bike infrastructure on the northside and southside along State Route 161 which includes the following city streets:

  • 49th Street
  • Westover Hills Boulevard
  • Park Drive
  • Blanton Avenue

Please go to to review the conceptual designs, share your thoughts and submit questions. The survey will be available online from June 12 through June 26. Feedback is encouraged and will help us refine the proposed projects before moving forward with detailed designs.

The projects are an important part of the City’s commitment to Vision Zero and support the Better Streets multimodal approach by implementing safety improvements such as high-visibility crosswalks for people who walk, accessible curb ramps for people who roll, and dedicated space for people who bike or scoot. These projects will enhance our transportation infrastructure and improve safety for all roadway users. 

If you need assistance with alternative means to review and comment, contact Jakob Helmboldt at For more information on the Department of Public Works, please visit us online at or email questions to

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The City of Richmond Department of Public Works (DPW) is one of only 195 currently accredited public works agencies in the United States. DPW’s portfolio comprises a wide array of services to include leaf collection; street, sidewalk and alley maintenance; trash collection; recycling; grass cutting;  graffiti removal; parking enforcement; urban forestry; street signs; traffic signals and pavement markings and civil engineering. In addition, DPW maintains upkeep on most city buildings; issues permits for working in the city’s right-of-way; manages the RVA Bike Share program and maintains the fleet of city vehicles. DPW’s operating budget comes from the general fund of the City of Richmond.  For more information about DPW services, click here or call 3-1-1.