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Go solar with Solarize RVA!

The City of Richmond, through the Office of Sustainability, has partnered with Viridiant, Solar United Neighbors, and Henrico County to launch SolarizeRVA 2021, a campaign to help the greater Richmond region transition to clean solar power generated right here in our community. Viridiant is a mission-driven non-profit that exists to speed Virginia’s transition to a sustainable built environment powered by clean energy sources.

Our own Wendy Fewster, Office of Sustainability Climate Action Coordinator, participated in the SolarizeRVA program back in 2014. She said, “the whole process went very smoothly. They came out and took measurements for how much sunlight I was getting and the installation was very neat. And the best part was that I knew I was getting the best price!” 


Check out more information from Viridiant below:

It’s a great time to go solar. The federal tax credit of 26% is set to go down to 22% at the end of 2022. Installation on your roof takes just 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the operation, and 99% of the work is outside, so it really is a safe undertaking during social distancing. Our re-design of the Solarize model offers both consumers and industry partners more flexibility to get to the best solutions and best prices on a customer-by-customer basis.

A critical first step in going solar at your home is making cost-effective improvements that reduce your need for electricity. Why make solar kilowatthours just to waste them? That’s why Viridiant also offers professional home energy audits for a personalized analysis of energy use, comfort, durability, health, and safety issues in your home. We will also do a free solar analysis while we are on site.

Learn more about solar, home energy audits and other services provided by Viridiant's Community Energy Services Division by visiting or register for an upcoming informational webinar at

Why would I want solar panels?
Solar panels can help you save money in the long run and they help the environment. For example, a 6KW array has an installation cost of $10,400 (after tax credits) but it makes more than 8,000 kWh per year and saves $77 per month.  Additionally, the tax credit for solar panels is 26% this year and it will decrease so it is the perfect time to buy them!

What is the process?
First, using a recent electric bill and your address, your home is evaluated to see if it’s a good candidate.  Important factors are your annual electricity use, if you have adequate roof space with good orientation, and if that roof area receives enough sun during the course of the day. If everything looks good, a site visit will be scheduled to do a more detailed assessment of your home, nearby trees, the condition of your roof, and your goals. From there a proposal will be prepared for you. Once you sign off, permits will be obtained, panels will be installed, as well as a net meter. This whole process will take about 6 weeks from start to finish, with about a week with a crew on site.

How much will it cost?
Cost can vary depending on the specifics of your home and site.

How long is the warranty?
Warranties are typically 20-25 years.

Are the consultations free?

Is all of this COVID-friendly?
Yes. Most of the work is done outside of your home in a few days. 

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