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Richmond residents now can share health information that could be critical to first responders serving them during an emergency or crisis.

Residents are encouraged to create a free emergency health profile at Here, they can enter any health information of their choosing, such as mental health issues, developmental disabilities, pre-existing conditions, allergies, emergency contacts and more into the voluntary database. This information would be available to the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications and first responders in the case of an emergency or crisis.

To ensure data privacy, information is associated with an individual’s phone number and is only made available to first responders when a 911 call is placed from the associated phone number.

The emergency health profiles system provides real-time health and emergency contact information with 911, providing context beyond what callers in crisis are able to convey. The information provided is at the discretion of the individuals completing the profile.

Individuals are encouraged to update their profile after any major health/life changes and in general once every six months. This life-saving information is available during an emergency to the Richmond Department of Emergency Communications and other emergency communications centers and first responders that use it, anywhere they are located.

The emergency technology company RapidSOS teamed up with The American Heart Association, The American Red Cross, and Direct Relief to launch this voluntary health database.

Learn more and create your FREE emergency health profile