On February 8, 2021, City Council adopted Ord. No. 2020-256, which established the Participatory Budgeting Steering Commission to formulate the standards and procedures applicable to the purpose of making recommendations to the Council, the Mayor, the Chief Administrative Officer, and the Department of Budget and Strategic Planning for the implementation of participatory budgeting for select City capital projects.



The Commission shall be composed of seven members and four non-voting alternate members appointed by the Council.


Term of Office

Members shall serve for terms of two years and may serve up to two consecutive terms.



Applications will be accepted through June 1, 2021



Click the image below to download and save the PDF application (if the application does not download click here to download Adobe Reader software), please submit all application materials to the Office of the City Clerk at

Image of the Participatory Budgeting Appointment Application, click the image to access the pdf

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Critical to the foundation of our citizen-run government, Richmond City Council and the Mayor regularly establishes and/or appoints members to serve on local and regional government boards, commissions, committees and task forces to assist with providing oversight on various topics, programs and services. Appointments to both local and regional bodies are made throughout the year as vacancies occur and new entities are created. Most appointments are volunteer/non-paid positions.

Appointed public bodies provide needed intellectual assistance on subjects that shape the quality of our lives, neighborhoods and city and increase government openness, inclusion and transparency. Membership on these entities offers citizens an opportunity to learn more about their local government and to use their education, experience, skills and abilities in service of the public good. All citizens are invited and encouraged to apply to serve.

Individual membership requirements are different for each public body, which range from advisory to policy to governing. Appointed terms include project-oriented ones that exist for a few months and more long-term ones that last up to four years. Time commitments vary. Meeting times, dates, locations and frequency are scheduled as needed. Incumbents are also considered for reappointment at the conclusion of their terms.

All citizens interested in being appointed to serve as a member of a local or regional public government body or non-government organization are invited to review the descriptions, purposes and individual membership requirements and apply online or contact the Office of the City Clerk.

Boards and Commissions Process, Step 1: review current vacancies, Step 2: explore boards and commissions of interest, Step 3: submit your application, Sept 4: the clerk's office will contact you if selected, Step 5: Take the oath of office and begin your appointment

In order to be considered for appointment to a vacancy, submit your application by June 1, 2021 to the Office of the City Clerk. 

Richmond City Council Boards and Commissions information regarding vacancies, current members, appointment term information and applications may be found on the Boards and Commissions website:….

Vacancy information is also posted to the City Clerk's blog  and to the Clerk's Announcements webpage, review the application information below to find out more. 

All applicants must live and/or work in the City of Richmond, unless otherwise specified.


Click the link below to review current vacancies on the City Clerk's blog. 


Vacancies for the upcoming quarter may also be found on the Boards and Commissions website:


Click the link below to apply online or to explore information about a particular board or commission of interest.


Click the image below to download a .pdf application and submit it via email, mail or fax.

image of the boards and commissions appointment application form, click the image to view and download the applicaiton

  1. An application for appointment or reappointment is completed by interested applicants and submitted to the Office of the City Clerk.
  2. The Office of the City Clerk distributes all applications to the appropriate Richmond City Council Standing Committee for review.
  3. After reviewing each application, the standing committee recommends the applicant deemed most appropriate for each particular position.
  4. Once the standing committees have made their recommendations of applicants, the Office of the City Clerk presents the recommendations in the form of a report, which is distributed to all Councilmembers in advance of a Richmond City Council Formal Meeting at which the appointments will be considered.
  5. At any time after the Office of the City Clerk has presented the recommendations of the standing committees to Richmond City Council, any Councilmember may make a motion to appoint any or all of the recommended applicants.
  6. Once Richmond City Council has adopted this motion to appoint, the applicants cited in the motion are deemed appointed.
  7. Appointees must take an oath of office, administered by a qualified member of the Office of the City Clerk, following appointment but prior to the next formal meeting of Richmond City Council. If an appointee fails to take the oath of office in this time frame, Council may reconsider the motion, reject that appointee, and appoint a replacement.

Richmond Code of Laws
Chapter 2 - Administration
Link to the Code of Laws

Questions  Contact the Office of the City Clerk.


Click on the meeting of interest for meeting information and to watch virtual boards and commissions meetings.                   

Last Updated 4/20/2021