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Public Information Advisory - 2021 Richmond City Council Retreat (Day Two Postponed)

WHAT:         Day two of Richmond City Council’s retreat for the purpose of discussing Council’s goals, priorities and operations, is postponed.  

WHEN:         Thursday, February 18, 2021, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. New date and time to be determined 

WHERE:      The retreat will be held through electronic communication means pursuant to and in compliance with Ordinance No. 2020-093, adopted April 9, 2020, as most recently amended by Ordinance No. 2020-232, adopted December 14, 2020. This retreat will be accessible through electronic communication means by the public and closed to in-person access by the public. Less than a quorum of Richmond City Council will assemble for this retreat in the Council Chamber on the 2nd floor of City Hall at 900 East Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia 23219, and most Council members and other staff will participate by teleconference/videoconference via Microsoft Teams.

This retreat will be livestreamed at the following web address: To access the retreat broadcast, find and click the link that reads, “In Progress” in the farthest right hand column entitled, “Video".

You may also listen to the retreat audio from your phone by dialing *67-804-316-9457 and entering conference ID 162 354 744#.  

There will be no opportunities for public comment at this retreat. 

Detailed access instructions and an agenda for the retreat will be made accessible on the City’s legislative website.
CONTACT:   For more information, please contact Interim Council Chief of Staff Joyce Davis, at 804.646.5009 or