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Three leaders of DEC

Department leadership 

Stephen M. Willoughby, director

Stephen M. Willoughby took on the position as director and chief of Richmond’s Department of Emergency Communications in 2014, as the first director after it became separate from the Richmond Police Department. He is a part of Richmond’s Public Safety Management Group and is responsible for managing Virginia’s second-busiest emergency communications center, much of the city’s public safety technology and the city’s radio system.

He holds a Master of Public Administration degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in criminal justice administration, both from the University of Central Oklahoma. He is a certified Emergency Number Professional and has served on various committees with the National Emergency Number Association and the Association of Public Communications Officials, including APCO’s Homeland Security Committee chairman.

Before coming to Richmond, Willoughby served as director for the regional 911 system in Central Oklahoma for 16 years and previously served in a management position with City of Oklahoma City’s Communications Center, where he was recognized for his contribution to the response to the Murrah Federal Building bombing incident.

Tory Maye, deputy director of operations

Tory Maye began his tenure with the City of Richmond as a communications officer in March 2004. He was promoted to the rank of assistant communications officer supervisor in September 2007, and he became the department’s first quality assurance supervisor in March 2012. He also has served as an assistant training supervisor, background investigator, co-accreditation manager, and a Department of Criminal Justice Services certified instructor.

He became deputy director in April 2015, and earned certification as an Emergency Number Professional in November 2015. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business information systems and a Master of Business Administration degree.

Jackie L. Crotts, deputy director of technology

Jackie L. Crotts came to the City of Richmond in 2007 as emergency communications system administrator under the Richmond Police Department. In 2015, he was promoted to deputy director of the technology division for the Department of Emergency Communications, which separated from the Richmond Police Department in 2014. He is responsible for providing critical systems support for Virginia’s second-busiest emergency communications center including public safety technology and communications.

Growing up in the small town of Cana, Virginia, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, he started his public safety career as a volunteer firefighter at a very young age. He is a certified Emergency Number Professional, Emergency Medical Dispatcher and FireFighter II. He has served on various regional committees and is currently the vice president of the Hexagon user group.

Before coming to Richmond, Crotts served as a systems administrator and a communications officer for Forsyth County Fire Department in Winston Salem, North Carolina, for 11 years.