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Permit Center Open for Walk-in:
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     Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Inspection Scheduling Assistance
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Please contact if you need help with the Online Permit Portal

Online Permit Portal


The City of Richmond has launched our Online Permit Portal (OPP) that provides our customers with the ability to apply for certain Permits from their office or home without coming into City Hall.  The Online Permit Portal allows customers to submit plans for review, apply and pay for permits, request inspections, and check the status of a request from their computer or phone.

Customers can currently apply for the following plan types using the Online Permit Portal:

  • Building (residential and commercial)
  • Electrical (residential and commercial)
  • Mechanical (residential and commercial)
  • Gas Piping (residential only)
  • Plumbing (residential only)
  • Certificate of Zoning Compliance
  • Plan of Development

We are working to add additional permit types in the coming months.

For more information on registering for and using the Online Permit Portal, please see the UPDATED OPP User Guide and Online Portal User Tips and Sample Descriptions links provided.

Customers will need to register online before being able to apply for permits through the portal.  Navigate to the Online Permit Portal to register.

You can email for more information and assistance with any issues encountered.

  • Search for permits, plans and inspections - The customer can perform multiple search functions using the buttons at the top of the online permit portal home page.
  • Apply for a plan - The customer can apply for plans using the Apply button at the top of the Dashboard.
  • Pay an invoice - Once the plan has been invoiced, the customer will receive an email and can pay using the My Invoices section of the Dashboard.
  • Print a permit - The customer will receive an email once a permit has been issued and can view and print the permit from the My Permits section of the Dashboard.
  • Schedule Inspections - The customer can view and schedule inspections from the My Inspections section of the Dashboard.
  • Note: Customers can still perform certain functions when not logged into the Online Portal:
       Search for properties using the Map or Search options to view projects throughout the City
       View Public meetings and City of Richmond Holidays using the Calendar option

  • What browsers can I use to access the Online Permit Portal?
      The Portal functions if any of the following browsers: Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox,Opera, Safari and Vivaldi 2.6

  • Can I access the Online Permit Portal from a mobile device?
      Yes, the portal is maximized to function on desktops, laptops as well as iPhone and Android cellular devices.
  • Why can't I find my address when I search for it?
    ○  When entering an address, do not use punctuation, do not spell out the street name completely, nor the street type.
      In addition, you may encounter a problem when searching single digit address numbers, such as '1 W Broad'. Should this occur we ask that you come into the office until this problem is resolved.
  • How do I navigate through the Portal?
      Customers should use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the online portal screens.  Use the Back button to move to a previous page. Use the Save Draft button to pause work on a plan request. When you are ready to continue working on the request, it will be found under Drafts in the My Plans section of the Dashboard; use the Next button to move to the next page in your plan request.