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Interactive Mapping Tools

Land Use Project Mapper -- NOTE: The Land Use Project Mapper is being updated. The Richmond Parcel Mapper for Land Use Projects permits querying and display of real estate parcels found in the city of Richmond. It also provides information about current Land Use projects as described in the section below. See the Layers section for metadata on other layers found in the map.

This application displays current and recent projects of the city of Richmond Land Use Administration Division. Land Use Administration Division applications are required for both by-right developments and developments that require special approval from the City Planning Commission and City Council.

Parcel Mapper -- The Property Search is also available from a Drilldown operation, which identifies what is found at a specific geographic location. Drilldowns are issued either by clicking once inside a parcel boundary, or by following the Drilldown link provided in the infobox created with an Address or Intersection query. Drilldown queries only work at locations that fall within a parcel boundary, so clicking in the right-of-way or outside the city will not return results.

Zoning Parcel Mapper -- The Zoning Parcel Mapper allows for the querying and display of zoning district classifications found in the City of Richmond. It also provides information about the existing zoning and any other special use permits or special zoning that may exist on a parcel.

Layers contained in the Zoning map are as follows:

  • City Boundary
  • Parcels
  • Zoning Districts
  • Zoning Confirmation Letters
  • Board of Zoning Appeals Cases
  • Special Use Permits
  • Plans of Development
  • Plan of Development Overlay Districts
  • Street-Oriented Commercial Frontages
  • Street Frontage Priority Streets
  • City Old & Historic Districts
  • Community Unit Plans
  • Design Overlay Districts


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