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Pulse Corridor Plan


The Pulse Corridor Plan was adopted by City Council on July 24th, 2017. The plan focuses on future development along the Pulse Corridor and seeks to answer questions like:

  • Where along the BRT corridor should development occur?
  • What should development look like?
  • How should development happen?

Please find a link the final adopted plan here: Pulse Corridor Plan document [July 2017]

The City hosted two public meetings to present and discuss the draft plan and its recommendations. The two meetings focused on the same content.

Presentation by Chris Zimmerman, Smart Growth America & Chris Leinberger, George Washington University & LOCUS about Transit-Oriented Development along the Pulse Corridor, September 29, 2016:

September 20, 2016 Update on Plan Development:

The following materials were presented to the public as part of the November 19, 2015 kickoff meeting for the Broad & E Main St Corridor Plan:

The following materials were compiled from the participants in the November 19, 2015 kickoff meeting:

One of the immediate goals for implementation of the Pulse Corridor Plan is to rezone the six priority stations in the Plan: Cleveland Street, Science Museum, Allison Street, Arts District, Main Street Station, and Orleans station areas. The City has begun the city-initiated rezoning process based on the guidance provided in the Pulse Corridor Plan, including a series of public open houses. The Monroe Ward and Scotts's Addition Neighborhoods are also part of the Pulse Corridor Plan rezonings.  Click here to learn more about the rezonings.

Media Advisories

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Community & Economic Development: Broad Street Rapid Transit Study Flyer 2010-02-22

Media Videos

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GRTC VISSIM: Bus Rapid Transit simulation in Richmond Virginia


GRTC Public Meeting on Broad Street Bus Rapid Transit


GRTC BRT Demo Video shown at the January 2015 Public Meetings


Announcement of $24.9M in TIGER Funds for Richmond Bus Rapid Transit


BRT Public Meeting


GRTC: Bus Rapid Transit Study Overview


Media Coverage

Title Date Source
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Richmond panel advances long-range plans; for development along Pulse corridor 2017-05-15 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Concerns about building height delay approval of development plan along GRTC
bus rapid transit line
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At public meeting, GRTC lays out new route network for riders 2017-03-08 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Overnight construction on Pulse can get loud, but is permitted, officials say 2017-02-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Federal government withholding transit funding over safety commission formation 2017-02-19 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond City Council signs off on bus system redesign, could open in November 2017-02-13 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Lots of barrels appear on Broad Street for Pulse construction 2017-02-09 Richmond Times-Dispatch
New GRTC bus plan unlikely to be ready in time for Pulse, but it could be close 2017-01-23 Richmond Times-Dispatch
GRTC, city at odds over when to revamp bus system 2017-01-21 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond introduces plan to speed bus service around the city 2017-01-17 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Faces of 2016: Layne promotes planes, trains, automobiles, rockets, and drones 2016-12-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Transit vision plan is an 'immense opportunity' for Richmond region 2016-12-16 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Passengers excited about new GRTC Pulse buses 2016-12-09 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
GRTC offers $1.4 million for Grace/Adams property for potential transfer center 2016-11-02 Richmond Times-Dispatch
New GRTC Transit route structure to favor ridership over coverage 2016-10-05 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Reveley column: Transit opportunities mean enhanced access for RVA 2016-09-15 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Construction to begin on the Pulse, Richmond's bus rapid transit system 2016-08-03 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond presents 3 concepts for bus system redesign, wants feedback 2016-07-04 Richmond Times-Dispatch
State board endorses contract to build Richmond's bus rapid transit 2016-04-20 Richmond Times-Dispatch
After heated debate, Council approves $49 million bus rapid transit project 2016-02-08 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bus rapid transit's fate unsettled; Richmond council set to vote Monday 2016-01-24 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Now Developing: How 11 Richmond Public Spaces Are Being
Re-Imagined for Better or for Worse; "The GRTC Pulse" & "The GRTC Transfer Plaza"
2015-12-15 Style Weekly
GRTC Pulse wins final design approval; commission ignores push to delay 2015-11-16 Richmond Times-Dispatch
$54 million GRTC bus rapid transit plan now one step away from final approval 2015-11-05 Richmond Times-Dispatch
VDOT will oversee construction of GRTC's Pulse 2015-10-26 Richmond Times-Dispatch
GRTC "Pulse" is a planned bus rapid transit line in Richmond Virginia 2015-10-07 Wikipedia
Richmond's new 'rapid' bus route to cut 260 parking spaces 2015-04-06 WWBT-12 NBC Richmond
450 fewer parking places to be eliminated for Broad rapid transit system 2015-04-01 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond bus rapid transit system named GRTC Pulse 2015-03-17 Richmond Times-Dispatch
On Board: Richmond is betting big on Broad Street bus rapid transit 2014-12-10 Richmond Magazine
Richmond Region Readies for Bus Rapid Transit 2014-09-18 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Richmond will have BRT by 2018 2014-09-11 Greater Washington
Richmond, Henrico winn key $24.9M grant for bus rapid transit system 2014-09-09 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Rapid transit on Broad Street could change the way you get around town 2014-09-09 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
Federal grant gives $25 Million for RVA bus rapid transit 2014-09-09 RVA News
Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space: Richmond are transit is deficient 2014-07-27 Urban Places and Spaces
There is a rapid transit plan in the works for Richmond 2014-04-14 WTVR-6 CBS Richmond
Meetings this week to discuss Bus Rapid Transit 2014-03-19 RVA News
GRTC studying Bus Rapid Transit for Broad Street 2010-02-23 WWBT-12 NBC Richmond

Professional Groups

Arcadia Land Company
Christopher Leinberger, Partner
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Michael Baker Jr, Inc.
Craig Eddy, P.E., PTOE /Vice President
1801 Bayberry Court, Suite 101
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Enterprise Community Partners
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10 G Street, NE, Suite 580
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Federal Transit Administration
Valerie Berton, (USDOT/FTA) Public Affairs Specialist
Office of Communications & Congressional Affairs
1200 New Jersey Avenue, SE
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George Washington University School of Business
Center on Real Estate & Urban Analysis
Christopher Leinberger, Professor
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Greater Richmond Association for Commerical Real Estate(GRACRE)
Tim Davey, President
(Timmons Group)
PO Box 74428
North Chesterfield, VA 23236-
(804) 675-7502

Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC)
David Green, CEO
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Real Estate Brokers & Advisors
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MZ Strategies
Mariia Zimmerman, Principal
6908 Lakewood Drive
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Partnership for Smarter Growth
P.O. Box 1014
Richmond, VA 23219-1014
(804) 876-2782

Rapid Transit for Metropolitan Richmond
Dominic Carter
Nelson Reveley
Coordinator(s) for Clergy Committee
Richmond, VA

Richmond 300
Mark Olinger, Director
Maritza Pechin, Master Plan Project Manager
900 East Broad Street, Suite 511
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Plan RVA (Richmond Regional Planning District Commission)
9211 Forest Hill Avenue, Suite 200
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RVA Rapid Transit
Richmond, VA

Richmond Transit Network Plan
Richmond, VA
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Smart Growth America
Christopher Zimmerman,
Vice-Pres/Economic Development

1707 L Street, NW, Suite 250
Washington, DC 20036-4222
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(202) 207-3355

Urban Land Institute (ULI)
Jane Millici c/o ULI Virginia
4020 Clinton Avenue
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U.S. Department of Transportaiton (USDOT)
Anthony Foxx, Office of the
Secretary of Transportation
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TIGER Awards (Grant Info)

Van Meter Williams Pollack, LLP
333 Bryant Street, Suite 300
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