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Earth Month Wrap-Up

Richmond, VA - Community engagement was the name of the game during Earth Month for the Office of Sustainability. Across April, we hosted and participated in a number of community events to promote awareness of our RVAgreen 2050 plan and receive feedback from Richmonders on the direction, vision, and draft strategies that will lead to a carbon neutral, resilient, and equitable city. 

  • In April, we partnered with the Science Museum of Virginia and ART180 to create an Earth Day event - eARTh Day - for the Boys and Girls Club Northside. The event focused on integrating art and science to help engage youth in climate action. During the event, the youth worked on planting in raised beds on the Club’s grounds, learned about composting, decorated pots to plant herbs that they could take home, and took air samples to help identify air quality around the Club. Once they completed these activities, they filled out the RVAgreen 2050 April Engagement Survey with things that they wanted to see in their neighborhoods to help with climate action and resilience. Ideas that the youth submitted include “picking up trash on the street,” “green roofs are a good solution to cooling the air and the community,” and “electric cars.” Thanks to everyone who helped out with and participated in this event!
  • In tandem with the roll-out of our draft vision, objectives, and strategies, we held RVAgreen Gabs each week in April to get the word out about the RVAgreen 2050 plan. Each panel was moderated by members of our working groups representing both technical experts and community representatives. Richmonders were invited to join to hear presentations about our different pathways, ask questions, and complete the RVAgreen 2050 April Engagement Survey. You can watch these “gabs” on our YouTube channel!

We are so appreciative of all of the different ways that Richmonders engaged with RVAgreen 2050 in April. During the month of April, we also asked Richmonders to provide feedback directly on our draft strategies, objectives, and goals towards creating a more climate-ready, resilient, and equitable Richmond. In total, we heard from almost 500 Richmonders about their priorities, ideas, and questions for RVAgreen 2050. After reviewing each piece of feedback, we saw that Richmonders care, in particular, about clean energy coming from both renewable energy sources and improved energy efficiency and expanding access to trees and green space as a way to reduce risks and impacts to the community and natural environment from extreme heat and drought. You can find a complete summary of our April engagement activities and results on our website.

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